www.justonemoreround.com presents its servers.

Want some decent Dark-RP role-playing fun? To hell with the rest, because we beat the best! Our servers are hosted by www.justonemoreround.com. Recommended servers to play on-1.) Owned by blackspark45- Or on this server 2.) Owned by wolf- We appreciate any suggestions on these servers. Our maps change from time to time, determined by the players playing. All the maps that are played on these servers are based on the downtown type maps. We still have some work to complete on these servers, such as deleting useless jobs that we have tested with, and removing explosives. If you have any questions on these servers, speak to Bobblehead-http://steamcommunity.com/id/bobblackmon/. He will tell you all you need to know. If you wish to register for an admin position, you must donate $5 U.S. dollars. For a super admin position, you must donate $10 U.S. dollars. www.justonemoreround.com is not currently up, please be patient. Thank you for you time-[J1MR] | Blackspark45.

OK what you need to make this post look better.

  1. Don’t just say " hi, I have a server, join me pl0x"
  2. Add more information
  3. Add some gametrackers/game monitors
  4. Some screenshots.
  5. Make it look better then you have right now.
  6. Make the website. www.justonemoreround.com (because “www.justonemoreround.com” does not exist or is not available."

Oh and its not the regular Downtown its “rp_downtown_v2_fiend_v2b”

role play



Perfect example of a good first post. :golfclap:

Thank you.

I do enjoy this map, the server is mostly “ok”. They do need more admin on it to watch out for RDMers, and they have a lot of class that they do not need like:

American Soldiers
Counter Terrorist
German Solider
Terrorist Leader
Construction Worker (you can build anything with out being one)
Famous people (Like Matylin Manson,Marshall Bruce etc. Why?)
Gang Dealers (theres all ready Gun dealers and Drug Dealers so you dont really need this class)

The money on the class are kinda messed up, mayor get paid $85 when other classes get payed $100, And its an home server, but ever nice pings for a home server. They need to get rid of all the explosives, admins giving there self guns :o, removing your props, and keep picking you up, and over all just bad admins.

Fixed. Another big update is being applied.

Good call.