www.playrust.com causes blue screens

I’ve run into an interesting problem since you upgraded your site a little.
Every single time i enter your site with the newest version of Google Chrome, i get a BSOD less than 6 seconds later.
However, if i use Internet Explorer i can enter your site. But if i click on a video, on your latest devblog as an example. It will instantly give me a BSOD.

The funny thing is that it is actually the driver for my Radeon R9 290X that crashes completely, which i have never seen before.
Also, it might be worth mentioning that i am running the latest beta driver from AMD.

Does anyone know how to get around this problem, other than perhaps downgrading to the last stable driver version?
And is anyone else having this issue?

Sounds like driver issues for sure. Try a earlier version of amd drivers. It could be the embedded videos also giving you trouble.

Actually the site BSODed my work computer the other day as well but I figured it was a fluke. Some of the videos don’t load as well or they’ll play halfway and then disappear and the play button won’t do anything.

The Youtube video works fine though. And I didn’t get a BSOD on my home computer.

Are you using the same driver Sievers? If not, I would think possibly the updated Chrome is interacting with HAL in a way that most drivers don’t expect.

Use Firefox instead :slight_smile:

No, definitely not the same drivers. It’s just a super average work computer. No fancy hardware or anything, definitely does not have a nvidia card.

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Quite frankly, I think Firefox sucks. :zoid:

I’m mostly just kidding, but Chrome really is way better.

I dont have any issues with Firefox today. But I confess the 4~9 versions were very bad :confused: I use since 1.6 (I think were 2009).

This is like a soccer team (or other sport) each one have your prefered. :slight_smile:

I believe it’s an issue with ATI GFX drivers and flash in websites.

Downgrade from beta to stable drivers if you don’t like the beta drivers crashing.

Im on a ATI 7800 series here, but non beta drivers with no issue with flash. (Different browser though). Sievers, is the machine at work using built in graphics? (I.E. Intel). If so would further point to the browser…

I also have this problem, with firefox it will crash before it even loads the page, with chrome though it will load most of the times. It probably has something to do with the embedded videos, at least that’s when my problems started and it has become progressively worse with each new devblog.

Edit: Maybe it’s just too many videos buffering at the same time, some page sorting would fix it or individual devblogs so you don’t have to load all of them.

I was getting a crash with atikmpag.sys, removing Catalyst Control Centre solved it.

Yeeeah…You usually do not want to remove that.

Why not? You don’t really need it.

The video driver and the Catalyst Control Center are two different things. Most of the time I consider CCC just bloatware because I don’t use any of it’s overclocking or customization tools.

Yes, I’ve noticed the same issue too - since upgrading to the Beta Catalyst Drivers 14.6 (to play Watch Dogs) aitkmdag.sys is the thing that triggers it. I have an R9 R290

playrust.com is needlessly complicated and resource intensive, not sure why they would decide to do this (though, their game is needlessly complicated and resource intensive too :rolleyes:)

Just to share my specs and compare with yours:

I have in my Desktop the Firefox Nightly v32 (dev branch) with HD7850 and 14.6 drivers, and in my notebook I have the Firefox v29.0.1 with Intel driver v10.18.10.3277 (lastest) and an Nvidia 740M with 337.88 drivers.

I don’t have any issues in my both machines and both are running W8.1u1 x64.

What you need to do is disable automatic restart on system failure.

This will allow you to get some information from the BSOD without the PC shutting down on you. The good things with windows is that a lot of people have it and a lot of issues happen often (Try being a Dev).

Once your PC has crashed viewing the site on Google Chrome, get the error number or name (eg. 0x00000c4 is Driver Failure and the solution is insuring you have the correct drivers).

You need to get the whole part of the error, then a simple Google search will lead you to the answer and possible solutions.

Now for the best solution, contrariety to popular belief, Google Chrome is slow, unstable, and insecure. The fact a single website is able to make your PC BSOD shows how poorly programmed and how vulnerable it is.

Until Google releases a fix for the security flaw I would highly recommend changing to a more Open and Secure Browser (Firefox, or Opera).

Lucky I just upgraded to a 780 ti… Was amd for life, but god their drivers are horrible now.

Yeah. Lots of useful settings in there though. I use it constantly to change color schemes for when I’m in photoshop or other stuff. So removing it is not an option for me.

Google Chrome is “one” of the safer browsers out there, and has all of the features that you could ever need, and it still is the leader when it comes to HTML5 support. ( http://www.extremetech.com/computing/178587-firefox-is-still-the-least-secure-web-browser-falls-to-four-zero-day-exploits-at-pwn2own )
However. If security is what you are looking for, go use Whitehat Aviator. Safest alternative out there at the moment.

Also, no need to set anything in windows to see the bluescreens, just download BlueScreenViewer and it’ll get all of the logs from previous BSOD’s.
Also, this is happening with Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, so it is not browser related it would seem.

Rather, there is something on the site that causes the AMD drivers to crash.