Wystan's weapon super megapack?

Can someone link me to the weapons megapack? I had it on my old computer, but I can’t find it anymore. It was a pack of hundreds of weapons from the Wystan

It already exists, I just can’t find it anywhere

This one?

Or this,

neither of those.

It was a HUGE pack with rifles (mostly AK’s, iirc), lmgs, and snipers

I second this notion. I had it a while back, converted to addon format and all. Thread may have been archived.

If you knew Wystan made them, why didn’t you just search under his started threads?


I did that, I didn’t find it

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And that’s not it. Once again, it had way more props then that one

It had seperate spawnlists for pistols, shotguns, SMG’s and assault rifles, if that’s of any help.

are you talking about this pack? it sounds alot like the pack your describing

OH YES THIS ONE. Damn, I assumed it was wystan’s because of all those AK’s.

LARRY, Not Wystan.

Thanks so much!

DAMMIT NINJA’D. Thanks anyway.

no problem mates