Wyvern (Valhalla Knights Wii)

Foldable wings (to an extent)
Finger posing (actually on the claws, including the rear toe which I forgot the name of) (make sure the axis isn’t restricted!)
Face posing (only some parts, and only for the first couple of sizes for some reason)
Super flexible (maybe that could be a bad thing)
5 skins
5 sizes (regular 1x, big 3x, bigger 8x, huge 15x, giant 30x)





Quick comic I made:

Things to note:

  • Low resolution (of course)
  • Can only grab wings by the top for them to fold (no collision on the actual wings)
  • No eye posing due to the structure of the low-res eye (stretching pupil, fixed eye, etc.) I was thinking about leaving the original eye texture there, but then having a dragon constantly looking in 1 direction wouldn’t look very good in my opinion. Plus, wouldn’t you prefer demonic eyes? :v:
  • The game thinks there is eye posing for the model. There are actually eyes for the model, but I only did this to provide a slightly higher-res demonic eyes.
  • Sometimes the ragdoll spazzes for a second. Not sure what causes this
  • The ragdoll is super flexible, so you might get lost in what’s what after spawning it

Thanks to Dragoshi1 for providing the models!

Anyways, here you go.


Looks great.

Reminds me of Morrowind for some reason. Other than that, it looks pretty good.

Pretty crappy looking, but that’s not your fault since it’s the Wii. Great port, lots of options; I like that.