X-20 Jet

This is more of a scaling test than anything. My last plane looked ok till it was compared to say tanks. This one is substantially bigger and it is stretched out more to keep it from looking cartoonish. This is also my first attempt at putting together my own nose cone, instead of using any premade one. I know the nose cone isnt perfect, what i really want to know is what do you guys think of the scaling? Standard pic w/video below. If anyone shows interest i might release one or both of these planes.

I like how it looks…though I am confused by the name, I thought the x-20 was a space plane project?

When i advance dupe to save i label the different stages like this…

x 1
x 2
x 3

That way they are in order and i can quickly scroll down to find them. This one happen to end at X-20 so i just threw that in there.

Looks good… I should remake my X-43
<3 ScramJet

LOL im surprised you havent already. All you talk about on the server is “NEED MORE SCRAMJET!”

Front should be tad longer, it looks kinda stubby like this.
But quite good looking, yet simple.

Nosecone is too short and comes up too far. It looks like it belongs on an A-6E.
Fuselage is pretty boxy, too, taper that out a little bit.

Definitely looking good, though, just those minor improvements I’ve noted are needed.

LOL i know all that, i was asking about the scaling its not a finished plane by any means. Thanks though :stuck_out_tongue:

lookin good
This plane is some serious win. I want