X-Files: Resist or Serve - Playermodels Released!

Hello Facepunch,

I have been too lazy and swamped with school to post this on Facepunch, but here it is!
Ladies and Gents, I am proud to present to you Mulder and Scully from the X-Files!
This was a combined effort, and I would like to thank Slartibarty, Jackathan, and steve1105!
Thanks again Steve!


Have fun!

The Truth is Out There,

Oh wow. And I just started watching the series! Great job!

Now I can fulfill my X-Files fanfics of the duo swordfighting a dragon on top of a ferrari in the ocean.

Any chance someone could port these for xps?

Yay 100th post. What is xps?

If you’re familiar with the XNALara community, it’s basically a 3D model viewer that’s commonly used for posing and/or making scenes. It’s also a format (.xps) that’s used by that same program.

I’ll look into that, sounds cool. Do you want them rugged, or without source rigging. I can ask Jackathan or Slartibarty.

Rigged would be great. .Dae or .FBX would actually be even better :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!