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**General information: **

A roleplaying game based on Resident Evil. Is the main inspiration of this server. Running on a edit of kuromeku’s severance script.
The inspiration of the minds of the community we have made various factions and many events which bring fun, exciting roleplay to all even the ones who are brand new to roleplay or Resident Evil in general.

With a smart, willing team of administrators the server and community alike have become a haven for new and experienced roleplayers alike, admins take time out of their own life’s and even their own roleplay to help those in the server who need help weather it be a refund to teaching a new player community administrators are there to help those who come into the community.

Many features in the script alone bring even more enjoyable experience to the members of the server and community such as :

-Trading system
-SQL character saving system
-Whitelist Class System.
-Character recognizing System.
-Character Stat System
-Realistic Fall Damage
-Utilized Weapon and Ammo Base.
-Ability to pick up objects with your hands.
-Realistic damage system with Knock-outs.
-Over 60 role-playing items
-Connected with Sourcebans
-Over 30 role-playing weapons
-Storage system and random trash spawns.
-Ownable door system

  • Over 80 Custom Models
    -Weather System (Sunny, Cloudy, Night, Storms, etc.)
    -Character Creation System
    -Health and Endurance Status Bars
    -Currency system. (Money)
    -Custom Model Support (Although we TRY to Keep ours Minimal)
    -Iron Sight Support
    -ToggleHolster Command
    -Sound/Music System
    -Various character abilities.
    -Various citizen animations.
    -Various chat features, /yell, /whisper, // ooc .// local ooc and of course the /me action ability.
    -Zip tie and tied up system.
    -Custom font, static props and wall text!
    -And many more!

These items and improvements help players enjoy the Resident Evil surroundings and script more than with other scripts.

Important Information

Server content page

In Word of the administration team and the community.

Pretty fancy server indeed…been playing in there, friendly admins and pretty fun too.



I love this server. In other servers you can’t find RP without having to go through a swarm of mingebags, but the admins at x-hosters quickly teach mingebags how to RP. It’s epic :smiley:

Nice server, very friendly admin :).

Why reply ?

In case you have no Idea qft = ‘Quoted for Truth’. And I did so I do not have to re-write it as it is already posted. Do you understand?

Great server, my number 1 choice for rp.

Join it!

the owner told you to join FP to post this.
Also, the quality of RP in there is low.

the rp is terrible there.

wow, the server owner is so desperate so he is making a new acc to post this shit.

looks cool

Do I spy nexus?

Not on steam can’t see if this is nexus or blueprint…

I don’t think any of xhosters are blueprint customers to my knowledge I may be wrong…

When I was in this server, people were actually roleplaying.

It’s nexus.

Nexus servers are so unstable these days. :3

Wouldn’t recommend this for anyone. The roleplay is just terrible in my opinion.

No real difference from any other 20 Nexus servers. People rdm…

Then explain why we got a high ammo of players everyday. Do you think people like when its a rdm party?
No they don’t and then they leave, our players does not leave.
We are the most populare Resident Evil RP server out there.
I’m sure you haven’t tryed it. Jealous bitch, this kind of people is what i hate most.
Talking about stuff they don’t know a shit about. And same to Axiom, DeveloperConsol and blown25 -.-’. And yes we run Nexus, but that doesn’t mean we are outdated.
We do update it. And we will buy BP2 when we can afford it.

Fuck sake bitches!

I play this server like…Let me see?..EVERY FUCKING DAY!

It is so awesome!
I love the server. Im not saying this beacose of Tokiz, but becouse of the server.

Well if you dont like it, then why bother posting? Besides, its YOUR opinion, not OURS.

Thx, but chill. ^^