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**General information: **

A roleplaying game based on Resident Evil. Is the main inspiration of this server. Running on a edit of kuromeku’s severance script.
The inspiration of the minds of the community we have made various factions and many events which bring fun, exciting roleplay to all even the ones who are brand new to roleplay or Resident Evil in general.

With a smart, willing team of administrators the server and community alike have become a haven for new and experienced roleplayers alike, admins take time out of their own life’s and even their own roleplay to help those in the server who need help weather it be a refund to teaching a new player community administrators are there to help those who come into the community.

Many features in the script alone bring even more enjoyable experience to the members of the server and community such as :

-Trading system
-SQL character saving system
-Whitelist Class System.
-Character recognizing System.
-Character Stat System
-Realistic Fall Damage
-Utilized Weapon and Ammo Base.
-Ability to pick up objects with your hands.
-Realistic damage system with Knock-outs.
-Over 60 role-playing items
-Connected with Sourcebans
-Over 30 role-playing weapons
-Storage system and random trash spawns.
-Ownable door system

  • Over 80 Custom Models
    -Weather System (Sunny, Cloudy, Night, Storms, etc.)
    -Character Creation System
    -Health and Endurance Status Bars
    -Currency system. (Money)
    -Custom Model Support (Although we TRY to Keep ours Minimal)
    -Iron Sight Support
    -ToggleHolster Command
    -Sound/Music System
    -Various character abilities.
    -Various citizen animations.
    -Various chat features, /yell, /whisper, // ooc .// local ooc and of course the /me action ability.
    -Zip tie and tied up system.
    -Custom font, static props and wall text!
    -And many more!

These items and improvements help players enjoy the Resident Evil surroundings and script more than with other scripts.

Important Information

Server content page


In Word of the administration team and the community.

There’s no RP in the pictures, then why do you address them as RP?
Those pictures make me believe that this is a clusterfuck of NPCs with no RP involved.

And why do you list every single feature in Nexus when you can just say that you’re running Nexus.

Hello I’m somekoolkid the local C.E.D.A. Captain. I would like to just say this community is great, fun, and always has something to do weather it’s passive or a Sudden event. This community is Good for teaching new player who want to learn to rp. With those few words said about the community, We welcome you with open arms ready for some fun.

More Pictures will be added, so chill :slight_smile:

And there is more then Nexus features + Not everyone knows what Nexus it.

Ok, let me give a quick review on this community from the past few weeks I have been at it.

First off, the roleplay.
At X-Hosters, you should and will get into decent roleplay, most of the player base has great knowledge of roleplay and how to do so. You can expect a very low amount of “Bitching” and “Rage” when there is a fight in progress between two characters or a gun fight, they are dealt with correctly and most of the player base is mature. The Roleplay is much like a RPG due to the player base has a large chance and will be able to collect weaponry and armor as this is part of character progress in this roleplay, however this does not mean every player you come across will be searching for weapons and armor. As I said, the players are mature and can roleplay correctly meaning they wont throw there characters in harms way (Most of the time).
Roleplay is decent and diffrent, you can expect a nice change and great fun from the roleplay.

Playerbase is decent, you will get mostly four to fourteen players playing on the server. As I repeat, most can roleplay and are mature, the remaining players you may come across may or can be newbies to roleplay in search of weapons who will leave most of the time due to failing to understand the server is roleplay.

The Administration team, although I have not seen them in action alot, this is a good thing proving the fact that from the time I have been on the server, barely any incidents have occured. However from recent small minor events in the roleplay, I have witnissed the administration to be understanding when a mistake happens between two players. The team is surely a group you can trust even if you yourself have made a mistake.

Donations, from recent discussions I have noticed it is abit unfair and prehaps too much, however understandable due to the server being new and needing immediant donations. Donations should be lowered slightly and personly the trader donation should be replaced with a group of flags donation that will alow players to apply for there business, thrus will stop people starting issues if they are to abuse the flag and be caught. Giving a group of flags such as a zombie flag, suviver flag and maybe a bandit flag would make the players want to donate more for that and could benefit X-Hosters.

Looking upon the forums, it seems to be active with discussions, although I have not visited and joined in yet, looking upon it you can see it must be active and full of discussion.

The factions so far are balenced, both with a tactical fight that does not fully involve war with each other but instead trying to currupt the suvivors into trusting weither faction and use them against each other, this makes the roleplay more fresh and diffrent as your character will be wondering which faction he can trust. Take for example, the US army is stating the CEDA are attempting to kill the Suvivers through the rations they give them. However the CEDA provide rations and say the US army is only here to gain somthing and not to help the suvivers.

Out of 10, I would give it a 7/10. You can expect alot from this community and for it to evolve to greatness if they keep up the work.

-Good work

-Edit “Tokiz needs to sort out how he has advertised his server, he does indeed need to remove the features that Nexus has aswell as those pictures as they have nothing to do with RP, I guess this may be because he is very proud with the script that he has aswell as the community”

Your not supposed to advertise unauthorized servers. Severance is a purchased script. You are not a customer. By these means the server should be removed from advertisement.

Buy Severance or Find a better script.

ehm, severance is a free gamemode for Nexus Framework, but Kuro got pissed for alot of leakers for the purchased scrips or whatever and removed the thread’s (Novus Two, Severance, Nexus Framework. :wink: Stop discuss things you don’t know a shit about. And btw Join or Leave. -.-’

I actually am a Severance and Cider Two customer, I know conna and have for a while. I talked to him about this exact subject, he said due to the leakers he decided to make them purchased scripts again. Nexus is not even free anymore and most servers with the owners foolish enough to leave a back door in are now paying. The threads are gone because it is no longer free.

This just gets richer. Proves that point we argued about, not just you know about Nexus Tokiz, most of Gmod know about it, adapt to the fact. The script is free now anyhow so I have been told by people.

This server is great fun, there is always something happening. If it’s just from normal RPing to some epic event! You guys should really test this server out :smiley:

And to Axiom when i search “Nexus Gmod” on google, the results i get is to a wiki place and after that it is to Garrysmod official website. And when im there it says Severance and download here.

I don’t know anything about this. But why is it free download on Garrysmod.com if it’s required to purchase it?

Are you high? You know that Kuro released Severance for free in the gamemode section. Also, it’s been ALWAYS free. Cider Two, HL2 and Experiment scripts are not free.

Nope, he now charges for Severance and Day One (Novus two/three)

Thats why the threads are gone, and it hasn’t /always/ been free. Only when he released the framework. He now charges again, its a Insult to people who buy these scripts for you to run them freely.


There is only download links for the framework and Novus Two on garrysmod.com not for Severance. Severance is a pay gamemode. Get a different script because this is a insult to customers.

Are you high? Even if he did pull the download links, the script was publicly released.

Even more, it was released with a license.

Nobody has to stop hosting the version of the gamemode that was released.

Oh hi alt of a permabanned user(AKA Ghost AKA Roleplay World AKA Roleplay Word). May I add you have been perma’ D three times. In addition you have also leaked Experiment before, so dont call yourself an angel.

In regrads to this community, I do believe as Kuro at one time handed out the schema, in addition to of it being free before, I do believe he isnt in the wrong here.

Ninja’ D.

Aww you still mad you lost RDA?

Also this Community is a complete knockoff of my friends idea and possibly Script. You even Copy/Pasted his feature list aswell as Wingmans/Flaky80s


Give it a rest, I am actually glad I left.


Why don’t you try to stay on topic, rather then try to make this a giant flame war.

Oh, hes Ghost? He got fired from Ironic Gaming too. I guess people just hate him or something in general.

Kuro’s customer complaining here, nothing new.
EDIT: Holy shit he is Roleplay World? Oh my god, haha.

Ghost =/= Axiom


Oh well winnmp arrived, so did the drama along with him. Time for me to leave this thread.

Lol, you still trying to fool people? All your administration knows the truth.

And lol, what drama? You were the one who was trying to bait me.

Anyways, sorry to the OP, I didnt mean for this to go so far off topic.