[x]R Looking for someone to help run server!

R’s 24/7 Serious RP server is looking for someone with server knowledge who will help with server addons, and things like that, and all around helping to keep the server running great. The ideal person will get full access to the server and full admin. We just got the server and need someone who will really help with it. We have a site also. I am too busy to just run our Gmod server and need some help. R originated on CS CZ and I will be held up with that part. If someone would like to help, please reply to this, PM me or my steam info is at the bottom. Please let me know.

PS: ONLY people who have server experience.

My Steam Page: http://steamcommunity.com/id/smokinbull


More information would be nice

Id be glad to help. I have my own dedicated server, written my own gamemodes, I have been an admin on 4 different servers as well, and I have mapping, as well as programming knowledge, as well as know how to work ASS Mod, as well as ULX and can learn anything related to Server Administration in an hour. I also know how to FTP.

I can help you. I have my own servers, good with DarkRP editing, admin on about 6 servers, know how to work with ULX, and also I can help with photoshop. I’m not sure if I can help populate your servers because I am quite busy with my own servers. :X

I added you.