[x]R's 24/7 Serious RP Server

Check out a new RP server with tons of stuff on it. XR has been around for over 5 years and originated on CS CZ, as a big clan. We have expanded to Gmod and setup a server for everyone to play on.

WE have:
CSS Realistic Weapons
Drugs Mod
Advanced Duplicator

And more.


Site: www.xr-cz.com

Join our forums and we are also selling admin on the site. Once we start getting more users, we are gonna upgrade the slots. Our server also does not have many restrictions like most other servers. Check us out!

Never sell admin rights.
You will clog your server with e-drama bullshit and abuse.

Agree with this person.

One, what makes your server different? From what you typed, I got this:

  1. Its not serious
  2. Its like every other DarkRP server out there
  3. It has bad admins as you sell admin
    Not saying this is true, but that is what I got from your thread. Try to add more information.

First off Rofl, I was just advertising my server in here for anyone who would like to check it out. Not for people to pick at it and trash it. If you wanna check it out, then do it, if not, then oh well. No need to start stuff over a server advertisement. You dont know that it is serious or not, and it may be just like every other DarkRP server out there, and who cares if I sell admin and make strict rules for admin abuse, does not mean I have bad admins. Call it whatever you want, but I was just advertising my server here. Thats all.

:awesome: Sounds great!

Hey, not to be mean or anything, but it’s just another plane old RP gamemode, you should try improving it by adding more stuff that YOU coded yourself, then it might be a decent gamemode to play but what I’ve said to most communities that host an RP server only, is that I don’t really like them because of how boring most of them are.

I’m not trying to pick on your server - its just 99% of DarkRP servers that say they are serious aren’t. I’ll come by later and be the judge of that.

Well I dont think its up right now… Ive been trying to hop on before my vacation to set everything up for him but I dont see it on the list.


Ok. so I just went to the server panel and he has the server down. I dont wanna start it back up because I dont know why hes got it down… plus its not my server :3