X32i Needs Texturers (Space Combat)


I can bet you probably get a lot of mods asking here for people, so i’ll try and keep this short and sweet. This is a mod for the CryEngine2, with deep combat, amazing music and high production quality. It’s going well so far, but we are desperately short on Texturers. And if you’re interested in the game industry and want something for your CV, it’ll help greatly. There are also more short term, but still great pros to joining the team.

*---------•10GB of FTP Space on the X32I Server for X32I use, and personal use, stick anything on there you want as long as it’s legal.

---------•Your name will obviously be in the credits plus any released media you was involved with. For example a concept art will have the X32I logo and also the concept artists name, so that your name will be helped spread around, help us, help you.*

As a textures your job will be to make all the ships look as good as possible, with full specular, normal and possibly occlusion textures. **If you are interested please post/pm some of your work (preferably on models not ragdolls) or post an application thread here and an admin will take a look asap :


I’ll post some images that might show we are serious about this. All are in-game.


Early, early test video :

NEW HD, Particle Effects Trailer with custom score (heavy wip)


Thanks for your time, post/pm if there are any questions.

Gimme a crash course in the specific engine, in how to get normal/specular and what not materials to work, then I might apply for the job.

I’m not a texturer, so i don’t know how they differ from engine to engine, you’ll have to post in the link i gave. I don’t think it’s a whole lot different to source, the textures are several layers, except you can include occlusion and high res speculars.

I would be interested!

Wouldn’t mind some of those pictures in 1440x900, goddamn

If you’re interested post some of your work in the link i gave :).

Hmmm, damn, I do mostly ragdolls.

Would you ever have need of someone like me? Who knows, for cutscenes?

Do you have a ModDB page? Would be nice. For tracking.