X_X Oxide Moded PvE | No Sleepers

My old server was PvP decided it needed a change so i switched to PvE. I have added a bunch of mods that i will list below. I cahnge my server because im not a huge PvP person and i enjoy PvE alot more

Mods on server:
Door Sharing
Basic Economy
List Players
Loot Spawn Lists (Edit loots spawns)
Crafting Controller

Maybe adding more in the future will take suggestions from people who come play on the server.

Come join and have fun!!!

Come join this awesome PvE server! Were all very friendly and like helping new players. PvE is a great way to getting down the basics of the game before you go to a PvP server and get slaughtered but 5 guys with rocks. So come join for a while and actually have fun instead of dying all the time. The plugins are also so amazing and make PvE much more interesting!!! Hope to see some of you guys there! =D

So the thing is my brother, roommate, and I want to play, your server sounds like the place we are looking for, but how do we get to it?

You have to look in the list for my server. It should be under modded servers. You can sort them my names so it should be easy to find mine. It will be on one of the last pages. The title of the tread is the name of my server.

Cool. I’ll get the guys involved and we’ll probably set up shop this weekend. Thanks. I was playing on a 0 count server and someone still raided me yesterday.

Wow that sucks man. Prob an admin of the server. I try not to have raiding on my server but it happens sometime. I hope you and your friends will like me server. =D

Hello everyone!!! Heres an update on my server. I got the home teleport plugin so that if anyone wants to build a floating hosue they can. If you get the mats for the house (Ceilings, Pillars, Walls, Doorway, Door) I will spawn in the foundations and pillars to make the house as far above the ground (within reason) because i will have to destroy them. This will eliminate some raiding which is allowed but is frond upon. Come join and have some fun!

Hey guys I have updated my server and have all the plugins working! Come join and have some PvE fun!!!

PVE!!! Lots of fun! No one recklessly killing eachother! We are a very friendly server and enjoy helping new player. Come join the fun!

Can you do something about Dbriegs? The guy is creeping around and running into houses when people open doors, robbing them.

Well, I’ve got the rat bastard trapped in my house now, so… there is that. He can /suicide and I’ll give his gear back, but otherwise can you not let him loose on the world?

Come join today!!!

Lots of fun!!! Come build the house of your dreams on rust!!! No PvP! Super friendly and really nice for test out designs or just making a huge house!!! Join us today! =D