X_X[Rust++][US]Pvp|Sleepers Off 24/7 Daytime More Loot

Hello everyone!!! I am writing this post to invite everyone to my server. I have it up 24/7 (unless theirs an update and you have to restart then i get it up as soon as i hear about the update). We are very friendly and we do not abuse our powers. Admins play just like everyone else and if you us or raid us you will not get banned. You will get banned for greifing but not for raiding. Make sure you know the difference before you complain about being greifed.

Here are some perks on my server:
Rust++ is active
24/7 Daytime
Amazing Starter Kit
Can see who is online at the time
Also Have Drop Party working on my server so i have made more loot drop.
Door Sharing is broken on Rust++ right now but as soon as its fixed ill have door sharing active.

Hope you guys will come check it out and stay for a bit. =D

Lots of fun!! Join today and get started easily while you can! =D We do not tolerate immaturity.

Lots of fun stuff happening. Rust++ is broken right now but we will update it as soon as its fixed. We are also thinking of dif fun events we can have on the server.

Update: Plugins are working now! =D

Server becoming more active join now while you still can. =D Awesome starter kit you start out with 10 items!!!

Come join the fun today!!!

Fun server to join. Lots of nice friendly people who dont Kos. Join today!!!

Fun and Friendly Server. Come join today and start the fun of an amazing server.

Great fun server. Great starter kit. Friendly people. All you could want in a server. Come join today!!

Hey man, just wondering… How do you do the Daytime 24/7 ?

do you have Rust++ if you do you go into the config folder where you edit the different thing in there and you put freeze time to true and make the time 12 for noon. if you dont have Rust++ im not sure i know theirs a way but idk how to do it.

Come join today!!!

Updated Rust++ has some cool features like death notification. You can see who logs on and off. You can see who is talking in game without having to see there name. Come join the fun!

wiped last night come join and start before people get geared

come join the fun and see how long you can survive

Active PvP server! Lots of fun. Come join Just wiped a couple days ago.

Have rust++ Working with he new update come join =D