X_X [US] PvE Server | No Sleepers

Hey you! Yes, you!

You play rust, right? I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of great memories on this new game, but I’m sure you’ve also wondered how it would be like to actually manage to build that big house that you’ve dreamed of building in Rust. Whether you haven’t been able to do it because of server wipes, you’ve gotten killed, or you house was raided of everything you once loved and worked hard to get: it’s happened to all of us. So, why not try a different experience and play on a server where the objective isn’t to mindlessly hunt down each other and instead have more of a sandbox experience that this game has wonderfully created as well?

Well, that’s why I have started my own PvE server where there are no sleepers. That’s right! A PvE Server in which there are no sleepers, so even when you’re offline you can keep the majority of your belongings in the case your house still does get raided by another player. I feel that the sleeper technology is a great idea and helps stop things such as combat logging, but needs to be re-iterated a bit better so that players are capable of hanging on to items once they’ve spent so much time working on a house, only to have it ruined by a few explosive charges. Whether your “sleeper” disappears whenever you haven’t been in combat for three minutes, or whenever you simply log off in your house: something like this would be wonderful for more PvE-oriented players.

Regardless, this server for the time being will not be using sleepers until they’re changed further, so you can safely log off in your own home with your best items and not worry about losing them. So, stop by at some point if you’d like to finally make that big house and stockpile, become your inner Loot Hoarder and come and play with us today!

Server Name: X_X [US] PvE | No Sleepers

If you’d like to find us easier, you’ll find us under the “MODDED” tab.

Currently, the server is 50 Slots.

Other Notable Things:

  • There will only be one to two admins at this time on the server. Admins will be playing as normal players and will not be spawning additional weapons, food, armor, or similar things that would give them an unfair advantage in the sandbox universe. Anything an admin spawns will not be for their own personal use. I’ll explain this a bit more in the next point. Admins are also prevented from teleporting players, the only time an admin will teleport to you or teleport you to them is if you have been accused of cheating so the situation can be handled fairly.
  • However, admins will be intentionally constructing houses and other buildings. They’ll be putting loot inside of them for players who do enjoy raiding, so that there is still the possibility of PvP in that regard. The houses will look authentic and will not appear any different than a standard player house. Are you breaking into an admin loot stash house, or an actual neighbor of yours? The choice is yours to make if you like to play as a bandit.
  • Admins obviously have to step in if people are being griefed. To this date, the admins have only had to ban 1 player(s). Admins do not ban players lightly, only after the situation has been thoroughly investigated will they be suspended from using the server once again.
  • Massive Airdrops will happen occasionally whenever the server has multiple users online, this is to encourage more interaction between players to begin with.
  • We are also working on a arena for the near future to hold fights and to have fun. You will be able to win prizes if you win.
  • We are a very friendly server and have only had a couple problems with people.
    Come and join us and have some PvE fun. =D

I was playing on this server the past week or so, and with the bugs yesterday and the patch, this server has seemingly disappeared. Did you shut down the server?