X_X [US] PvE Server | No Sleepers

Were a new PvE Server that is very friendly. We have about 15 to 20 active people on the server and looking for more. Our admins are super friendly and dont abuse there powers. We help out new players that have just joined the game. If you’re new to the game this is the perfect server to join to get the hang of the game and practice shooting without getting killed by a ton of people on a PvP server. When theres a lot of people on we do massive airdrops. We try to stop raiding as much as possible and if people greif they get banned from the server. I hope to see some of you guys reading this post on the server. =D

It there any chance to contact you by steam? I have 2 people to report :stuck_out_tongue:
They destroy our doors and steal all of good stuff from us.

I have been playing on the server for about ~5 hours so far and it’s enjoyable! I would gladly recommend this server to anyone who wants a laid back PvE experience.