X_X [US] PvE Server | No Sleepers

Hello everyone! This is my server and i would like to invite everyone to join. We are very friendly and very kind to new people that have just bought the game and need to get familiar to the game. Weather your new to the game or you have been playing for a while this is the perfect server for anyone that is looking for friendly people to play with. PvE is also great for building that huge Manson/Castle of a house you have always wanted to build. Here are some rules that i have for the server. Greifing (blocking someone into there house so they can not play the game) is not allowed and you will get banned from the server. If you are new to the game and need help finding your way around i will teleport you once to me and i will show you around. After that your on your own to discover the world of rust. If you need a friend tped to you i have no problem doing that but don’t abuse that. I do not encourage raiding but you can if you want. You will NOT be banned for raiding. Being raided is not being greifed. (some people think it is for some reason) I also do not like people building huge towers cause it lags the server. The last thing i want to mention is no blocking up spawn points. You will not be banned but i will destroy your house u build around it so dont do it. We have very friendly admins and they do no abuse there power. They play the game just like everyone else. The game is no fun if you just spawn everything in. Come join my server and have a ton of fun. My server is manly always up unless there’s an update the i would need to restart the server for then i will restart it as fast as i can. i Also never wipe unless the update is a big one and there are changes to the game that i feel that it would be better to wipe.
Hope to see some of you guys on there!