Xana the Uber Temptress


Who said generic pictures had to involve soldiers and guns…

Anyway, not often she is displayed here.

You know its funny I almost forgot she had a human form because no one ever poses it.
Looks good, by the way.

I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her around here. :smug:

Were you just using gm_mount to get her?

Wait, where did you get the human form?


Not Gm_mount. From the game.

What game is Xana there from anyways.

Dark messiah?


I’d be surprised if they didn’t already make a nude model of her.


There’s a nude model of her in the game Dark Messiah.

As a succubus that is.

Her legs look weird.

It ain’t Generic …
It’s **“Rasti”**neric



Now that is sexy lighting.

Thanks. I did put effort in to it.

That is a pretty cool pic. The lighting is sweet.
Also, what map is that?

That would be Disney’s Adventure map http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=957813

And thanks.

How about Xena the warrior princess!

Nice pic btw

There is but one word for this.



Also her dress is a pain in the ass with the clipping, am I right? I tried a medieval pose once and ended up tossing the ragdolls across the map and throwing my mouse in frustration.

I should get out more.


Someone should re-rig that model.

Not that hard once you learn how to deal with the model. But she is not the easiest to pose I grant you.