Xbox one annonced an early access system will rust come to consoles

I know im probably going to take a lot of heat from my pc community. But now that xbone has announced an early access program, will we see rust om consoles? When MS announces it the first thing that came into my mind was rust, ive been a HUGE fan of the game since day one and ive had a TON of fun playing rust. Now about a year ago facepunch mentioned they recieved and xbox dev kit but mentioned a console version was way off due to the fact consoles didn’t have an early acess program. Now that that’s changed im wondering if a console version is in the realm of actually happening. Im a huge fan of the game and my friends and i would love to see rust with all of its madness on consoles. Any update guys? I would love to know more or if ts still even happening.

garry hasn’t given a firm No, but a console port isn’t in the works while Rust still isn’t even finished. It was never a case of “we would do it but there is no early access program for consoles” and I don’t know where you came up with that.

It never was “happening” for sure in the first place, and I doubt that this has changed anything. It was a “we may or may not do it but if we do Rust is PC first and then ported to consoles”.

Dealing with console platforms is far different from Steam, as well, and I don’t know that FP Studios’ practices mesh well with Microsoft/Sony’s demands from developers and publishers. this where i got that, all i wanted to know if they’ve said anything in regards since they announced early access. Of course i would much rather see a finished version on pc then a port…just imagining the fuckery of rust on consoles makes me giggle like a little girl lol

i dont even think this kind of game is viable for console player base…
nudity… on 10-12 years old with squeeky voices?
a survival game on a plataform that is ment to be easy as shiet to play?
a shoter with gamepad?
all the GUI is based on drag and drop…

i dont even think the latest consoles can handle the actual state of rust… so i dont expect they will handle the game in 1 year when it comes out… with better graphics and more cluttering…

i would say THIS game… is a 100% no for consoles.,… so dont keep your hopes up…

just go and play mario kart and leave the grown up games for grown up plataforms…

Not going to happen until Rust is done on pc. It would spread their dev team too thin which at this point in development would be really bad. Hiring additional people just for an xbone port makes little sense too.

I gotta say… Early access on consoles is literally the biggest scam the gaming industry has come up with yet. Its only a matter of time before every new release will come with an “early access” scapegoat to avoid criticism.

  1. console players would eat this shit up
  2. nudity on the pc and 10-12yr old sounding squeaky voices
  3. everyone using controllers puts them on an equal footing, so its still challenging and competitive
  4. shooters have been made with analog sticks in mind for over a decade now…
  5. PS4 trackpad
  6. targeting a single hardware config (console) has it’s benefits, optimization-wise.

Perhaps the PS4 could handle the drag and drop of the inventory with the touchpad on it’s controller. xBone seems hopeless, as always.

Conclusion: Rust for PS4 pls.
(I don’t even own one, just think it would be cool if other platforms got to play too)

Could the Xbox One or PS4 even run Rust at more than 5 FPS? They can barely run watered down visuals on most games at 30-40 frames, and Rust is hardly optimized in it’s current state.

Given the average behavior of the average Xbox user, I for one welcome our endless supply of tears from butthurt raid victims. I say, bring 'em in!

Wow man. I didn’t think it was possible to insult so many people in one paragraph.From Atari To Xbox and everything in between you just insulted. I play rust on PC and Ark:Survival evolved and both easily will run on consoles. I have no personal problems with you. I’m not going to insult you,but man if you could only see how this comment looks to a person who is a true gamer, man you would shake your head to. Maybe I am missing the fact you maybe trolling people, If so well done and I’m sorry. If not, You must be very bitter.


Rust would SUCK on consoles unless you can plug in a mouse and a keyboard. If they were really going to do this it would be absolutely crucial that all players play on the same servers so that PC master race prevails. People would try to aim you with a controller and all the sway while you juse hose them down easy with a mouse. That would provide PC players with alot of easy ressources.

Holy insecurities Batman, PC master race is getting a bit too fedoraian for my tastes.

Of course Rust would work well on Console. Believe it or not, a lot of console players are getting sick of the same shit every year. There are plenty of examples of this kind of thing working on console. Minecraft on console shows a simple crafting system that works well on the gamepad, and if there ever was any doubt, just look at ARK Survival’s Xbox premiere - There are literally not enough servers because the game sold way more than anticipated.

Rust would work well on console. Dayz is supposedly getting a console release, Rust would be smart to follow that trend… just probably isn’t happening for a few years.

I mean, they could port over legacy. That would be cool.

The keyboard/mouse vs. controller issue is a significant one, if Rust servers are to be compatible with all versions of the game.

PC players will have a marked advantage over controller users. IDK if thats a good thing or not for the game in the long run. Sure it might be fun to gun down noobs, but when you chase your whole community away there will be nothing left to raid and nobody left to fight.

Yes just port legacy. for consoles.

I think that it should come out on wii U. XD

All about the dollars. Could make money like minecraft.

My 5 year old son knows what Rust is. He’s like you build and guns?!

Rust has already sold over 2.4 million copies and made about $34mil in two years.

And Garry’s Mod continues to bring in profits, and the profits from Gmod paid for almost all, if not all, of Rust’s development to date, so pretty much all of that $30mil+ is straight profit to be reinvested in the company.

They don’t have to desperately rush to consoles for more money. They have plenty of money.

Considering this is the Rust Community, I don’t think a release on consoles would make it any worse. Besides, due to the failure of legacy, Facepunch has not been able to rack up as much attention for new members of the Rust Community. Minecraft was the same exact way, it was a steady, cult-like community up until Minecraft was released on consoles. Rust could play the “catch-up”-game-without-having-to-really-catch-up-game. Considering how Unity was built for consoles as well as PC, I don’t see much of a problem with porting.
The only real problems would be:

A) Getting Microsoft/Sony to accept a game with such blatant nudity and
B) Getting the game to run while not looking like complete shit.

Plus, Facepunch would have to set up MORE servers for said console port, but then again it could use something similar to what the Battlefield Series uses.

So, more publicity = more money = more employees = more cool stuff made for more people to enjoy, which is what Facepunch is trying to do.
I want it, I can’t run Rust on my shitty laptop and I’ve never scrooged enough money to build a PC. It would make it more accessible to those people, considering there are already an influx of immature 12 year olds in Rust, I don’t really see how that changes much of anything. But, I’ll be happy either way, so I guess we’ll see how it goes…

I hate consoles could you imagen how many 12 year olds lining up at game stop with their mommys and then shitting the whole game up in just a few weeks?