Xbox one anyone?

Just found this on the trello, nearly fell out my chair!

Please peruse this Garry!

This game is to hardcore and cut throat for the console kiddies lol the accessibility level is WAY to low IMO.

Been a long time since I was a PC gamer, rust brought me back, I personally would much prefer to play it on a console! :slight_smile:

Eww XBOX One. If i had to go console i would go PS4 cause of how stupid the XBOX one IMO

Can you send me a real link to a web… I don’t want to see the image link. Is there a ps4 pic also? I might get rust on Mac , but if it looks good on ps4 I might just get it for ps4 then…

It’s about playing the game with a controller on the PC.
Wasn’t there a statement from Garry himself?