XCOM 2 Weapons Models V2

Yea, in Workshop I publish XCOM and ADVENT weapons, but first - they don’t have bodygroups like in XCOM 2. So I re-work weapons and now they have bodygroups. In downloaded archive you will see 4 folders - Convection, Magnetic, Plasma and Alien Weapons, you can extract this to one folder or as separate.
Weapon types:

  • Assault Rifle\Magnetic Rifle\Plasma (Beam) Rifle\Alien Rifle (Viper\Codex)\Avatar Psi-Rifle
  • Shotgun\Magnetic Shotgun\Plasma Shotgun\Alien Shotgun (Andromedon\Muton)
  • Minigun\Magnetic Cannon\Plasma Cannon
  • Sniper Rifle\Gauss Rifle (Mag.Sniper)\Plasma Sniper Rifle\Alien Lance (Archron)
  • SMG\Magnetic SMG\Plasma SMG\Alien Pistol (Sectoid)
    Have bodygroups of Mags, Optics, ForeGrips (Shotgun), Stocks, Supressors, Auto-Loader, Teeth, Trigger, RearGrip (last 2 only for minigun\Mag.cannon).

Workshop - http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=667344399
MediaFire - http://www.mediafire.com/download/7f6bfov87zvyfl7/xcom2_weapons_v2.zip