[XDS] - Xavux Dedicated Store

(I suck at making logos, seriously)

UP-TO-DATE DISPLAY VERSION: http://devel.xavux.com/donate
REPOSITORY: https://github.com/xavux/xds
I am working on a more compatible version 3 - if anyone wants to offer me his or her help, please, drop a message on Steam

What is it:
A very long time ago, I had an ambition of creating a universal automatic donation system, mostly because I was completely bored. Well, almost a year since, it’s almost done and sitting on my hard drive about which I accidentally forgot. The system itself is aimed explicitly at Garry’s Mod players, however, in the nearest future plugins for AMX Mod X and Sourcemod will hopefully be created as well! This project has been made for almost anyone who has a desire to run his own automated donation system.

How does it work?
The system itself is based on PHP Version 5 programming language, and heavily relies on the PDO extension. It consists of 4 common entities: packages, users, servers, and subscriptions. **Packages **are divided into two groups: one-time and subscriptions. One-time packages are set up so they can be used an infinite amount of times (unless a special setting is set), whereas subscriptions have a time period, after which the effect of the subscription wears off. **Users **are also divided into two groups: Clients and Administrators. Administrators are, well, those who set up the store and sell donations, while Clients are those who have access to package purchase and subscription management only. **Servers **are sort of categories for packages; they also contain parameters such as IP and API key, which allow them to interact with the server-accessible API of XDS. Lastly, **subscriptions **appear when a user purchases a package which has a time period. They will last for a while and expire afterwards. That simple.

How do I get it?
It is not available to public access at the moment, but there are some beta-testing communities who are already running this software! If you are really, really eager to try it out, add me on Steam or mail me at alryaz@xavux.com.

Landing Page - http://i.imgur.com/6cqAQrz.png
Login Page - http://i.imgur.com/w8OEOUa.png
Package Purchase Page - http://i.imgur.com/oDgRVM1.png
Server Modification Page - http://i.imgur.com/omxPiru.png
Package Modification Page - http://i.imgur.com/b3jEXdw.png
Menu Thingy - http://i.imgur.com/xe7S4Cq.png
V3 Login and menu - http://i.imgur.com/jS6BaPX.png
V3 Maintenance - http://i.imgur.com/HiHcTKj.png
V3 Home Page - http://i.imgur.com/rbYwIZN.png
V3 Installation - Step 1 - http://i.imgur.com/DoCWZ2a.png
V3 Error Page - http://i.imgur.com/pmFwccb.png

Changelog / Updates:

Its very nice designed, but I think it should be in Web Development no ?

I believe it is a Gmod addon non the less. So it could go in either 0.o

But the menu’s look very clean, great design and work!

Correct, but it also includes a Garry’s Mod addon which features a control panel through which you can handle which packages are enabled for processing, temporarily blacklist users and configure API access. It is not shown in the screenshots due to the lack of user interface, though it is accessible using a console-based interface.

This had legs in my mind until I remembered how crazy the development world of gmod is. Everything is different for every server and I think if theres cost involved from the start, you would be zoning yourself out of the market you would get.

Big servers with coders and players will always choose to use their own system for the sake of ease and therefore those people are out the question.
As for what’s left I just don’t know if they would be able to tie your plugin into their environment. I think you would have to provide all the mods and bridges. I imagine that in itself would be another mountain of work seen as gamemodes are coming and going and such crazy rates.

I don’t wanna dog this because it looks create and as an idea its not the same old shit we normally get offered here. However just at the minute I can’t quite picture how its gunna work :confused:

Awesome :wink:

Oh very nice :smiley: ! Thanks man ;).

Finished the service for Version 2.0, I’m working on version 3.0 which is to be released publicly on Wednesday. Meanwhile, dibs at the screenshots at the bottom of the first post!


Donate page doesnt work, and I was actually gonna donate :C

same :L


just kidding, but eh, if he doesn’t have a donation page he must not want it. :3

I am just working on a similar project, and domain forwarding doesn’t work out well :C
The RC will be available to beta-testers tomorrow, the final release will be on Sunday :3 Stay tuned!

If anyone wants to make me happy, or want to buy me a beer, donate to alryaz@xavux.com, and I’ll ship some over to me using eBay C:

Hey where is Hans Leid? I know he’s your friend and he just vanished :stuck_out_tongue: trying to hire him again he was really good. Anyways back on topic, this is really nice I might use it.

He is Hans Leid.

oh shit really? LOL Can contact me on steam here if u r open for hire again. If not just comment saying no :smiley:

So when will this be out?

Will people be able to donate while in-game? Like does this work on the steam browser?

How much will this cost?

Sorry, I got drilled down in studies, can’t release it on time D:
Hang on there, the Lua addon and some of the API is what’s left - I need to make it nice at smooth, not barebones.

That’s ok, I can wait :slight_smile: