xDShot's CS:GO Knives Converted to TTT

Hi, here are xDShot’s (https://steamcommunity.com/id/xdshot2) CS:GO Knives converted to TTT by me, Skittles9823 (https://steamcommunity.com/id/skittles9823)

Please don’t use the workshop page for questions related to this port. xDShot isn’t maintaining this version, I am. I’m sorry if my limited Lua knowledge can’t help to solve your problem but I’ll do my best if its something simple.

Do not add either xDShot or myself for support with these knives. Just leave a reply to this thread and I’ll do my best to help.



  1. Subscribe to xDShot’s CS:GO Knives swep here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=506283460
  2. If you don’t already have it, download GMAD Extractor here: http://www.treesoft.dk/gmod/gmad/
  3. Once you open GMAD hit the “Open” button then “Browse” then navigate to your garrysmod installation. (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons)
  4. Click on the ID/Name/Author/Description section to make sure the addon is selected for extracting then click “Select”
  5. Click “Extract All” in the top banner and find a place to store the files. (You can delete the Lua folder you just extracted as we will be using the Lua I made for this.)
  6. Navigate inside the “garrysmod/addons” directory on your server installation.
  7. Drop the csgo_knives folder here.
  8. Find the folders you extracted (materials, models and sound) and drop them inside the csgo_knives folder.
  9. Restart your server and test.
  10. As xDShot said: --YOU’RE WINNER!

Q. What slot are these set to?
A. They are in slot 12
Q. How do I change the slot?
A. Open up the Lua file of the knife and find the line that says SWEP.Kind = 11 and change it to a slot you want.
Q. Wha?? The knives aren’t spawning! Why bruh? fix it!
A. I set the knives so they wont spawn in the world. Goto each knife and find the line that says SWEP.AutoSpawnable = false and set to true. Although I don’t see why you would make them auto spawn-able. Its much more fun earning them through a pointshop or leveling system.

Github: https://github.com/skittles9823/CS-GO-Knives-for-TTT/tree/master

Known bugs:

  • When you drop a knife the skin it had will be on all your weapons
    -You tell me!

Converted to addon format
Made all knives able to be in an inventory as-well as any traitor or detective weapon
Fixed the Bayonet knife as I forgot to add the TTT specific code that was needed.

I’ve gotten permission from xDShot™ to release this.

xDShot™ for creating the knives.
Leteos for making them addon format.
Myself for the initial conversion.

Hi, i can post a workshop addon with your TTT conversion? im add pointshop support, but im need your confirmation o.o thx

You want to upload it to the workshop? Whats the addon?

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The addon already has pointshop support. I can post the Lua for a pointshop 1 knife if you want.

Hey please post it for me thanks! :slight_smile:

This is what they show people on death row when the electric chair runs out of batteries.

Excuse me? There was high demand for a TTT version of these knives, and most people who wanted it had no idea how to make them compatible. The original auther agrees that it was a good idea to release them so I dont see the problem here.

High demand for ones that ain’t shit

I don’t give a shit if you think they are shit. If you want to complain talk to the original developer, I just ported them so they work for TTT.

Btw if i want to port them to the pointshop do i have to install it somebit different?

They should be ready to go for pointshop. I use pointshop 2 on the TTT server I use them on but I have gotten them working with pointshop by _undefined on my bunnyhop server.

but how to put them in the by_undefined shop? could u send a lua please?

Use the template of other weapons. You’ll see how. Just set single use to false and set to give on spawn. Also dont forget to change the classname to the knifes classname.

Hey Skittles, First Up - Great Work!
Well, i’ve been Struggling with These Knifes a Long Time.
Now you Gave me The Lua’s for This, my only Problem is, how do i Insert them on Pointshop2?
I Saw you are Using Pointshop2 so i Hope you Could help me :slight_smile:

If so, could you please add me on Steam? My Profile

Thanks For Sharing, and See ya Later :slight_smile:

To put in to pointshop 2 you need the Weaopns and Loadouts DLC. simply make a perma weapon for each knife, set the price and your done. I also bought the drops and keys DLC so I made like a little CS:GO unboxing emulator. The players love it.

I Have it Too. But When i Create the Item and Select it to been selled as Primary Weapon it wont give it to me…
(Yes, i have put it in my inventory and moved it to primary in inventory).

Could you add me on steam pls?

I spawned the Knifes via “rcon ent csgo_butterfly_ddpat” - The Knifes are There with the Skins all Perfect.
But when i Create an Item - (Tried Both Primary and Secondary) - it wont give it to me…

What do i do wrong?

Sounds like it should work. Are you using leaks?

No, bought Everything…

Could You add me on Steam, that we dont do like an “Chat” here in Facepunch? :smiley:


What i Forgot To say is, that the Knifes are There and i Spawned them, but could not Pick Up…
They Just layed on the Ground with them Skins and i Could shoot them so they fly away but could not pick them up…

So i really dont know anymore

Finally Fixed it :slight_smile:
Thanks Mate for Helping me that Much! <3

Cheers :slight_smile:

No problem at all.

First off I would like to thank you for converting this to TTT. Second off I need your help. Do I need both the github or just to subscribe to it on the workshop. What I want to do is sell knife skins on pointshop 1 that would replace the crowbar or current knife skin. I don’t want to make the knives dropable and I want them to do the same damage as crowbar.
I am a massive noob at pointshop and your help would be amazing if I could make this a reality. (I’m barely know lua)
With all respect