Xen Crystal Remakes.

This is a simple request that I’d like to see done.

What I’d like to see is a Half-Life 2 version of the Xen Crystals from Half-Life: Decay. Here are some references if you need any:

If it is possible I’d like to see the crystals with the three different colored materials on the models.

I already ported those and gave them new shaders.


Of course, they look much better in game. HLMV doesn’t like refracting shaders.

Aw sweet.

But maybe we could have some remakes with totally new models so they look better?

(You know, more detailed because it’s been 12 years since that model was made)

Looks good enough as it is. Most RL crystals look pretty similar anyway.

I agree they’re good enough as it is, but where do I download the crystal models?

It’s a SVN, with the link in the thread.