Xeno Raven

Xeno Raven from
Aliens - Colonial Marines


Joint Tool required for the Spine-Tubes, Inner Mouth and Toes.


Please report any possible Bugs/Errors.

Really,thanks for this :dance:

This game was a massive let down. Good model none the less.

This model is gorgeous. Just wonderfull. Please make the other models do not throw them=)

i will. and even if someone is porting some of the main aliens from the game … i will do them aswell!

Nice work as usual, Mask!

2K textures, nice, nice…


Now give us a kiss…


Wait… what’s it’s purpose in the hive?

It kind of looks like “alien - bad ass death angel version”

to scare you to death and make you run.

Scarecrow xenos?

Hey, Mask, are you gonna add bodygroups to the three multiplayer aliens? they all have different skins and heads.


Awesome. I can actually provide you with the source files to everything xeno-related, if you want.

Nice work. Will probably download ASAP. I look forward to see other models from the game, such as the Spitter, Facehugger and the Chestburster (if that last one’s possible, that is.)

There’s a burster model.