Xenomorph and Predator from the latest AvP game?

I remember a while ago that people ported the Xenomorph (alien) and Predator from the latest AvP game, but I can’t find them any more (besides some outdated models on garrysmod.org).

Does anyone still have them? If so could you provide a link?

Much appriciated.

Picture because otherwise people might complain:

These models are requested way too much. Not blaming you or anything. I wouldn’t mind these models.

I still have the predator, i’ll have to dig around for it tho’

And the otherwas a Pred-Alien, not the actualy alien.

If I recall, there was like three Aliens being worked on at the same time and they all stopped to make room for the other people or something or they all got bored. I don’t know.


Have fun shlic-I er mean posing these.

Awesome, I already found another alien model but these sure come in handy.

Thanks. :love:

No problem.

This remined me i had some of those, im gonna be making poses soon.