Xenomorph sits alone in corridor

Everything on high!!!

Forgot to put jpeg_quality 100, whoopsies.

I was testing how phong effected my gmod when I put it back on the beta Xenomorph model. Not that much, but it made it hard to pose the Xeno’s arms and tail.

-Look carefully, his arm is clipped into his leg!
-Look carefully, his tail is nowhere near a light!

The camera angle is pretty poor. Not very exciting and lots of empty space on the left.

Where did you got the beta model? :C I have been away for awhile so I dunno.

I lol’ed at the text btw, and that tail needs re-rigging but I guess they did their best with the 24 physboxes we have on Gmod.

You wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t tell you, but for some reason, when the model is not near a light source, it appears pitch black. I was gonna put more aliens, but they were all black! like cutouts.

Dunno why though. Must be my PC though.

And Santz, my benefactors have allowed me to say it is in private beta, and still has lots of kinks to work out, but they promised it will be and I quote “Fuckin’ awesomely orgasmic”, with each skin for it as bodygroups,ect(from the game).

And yeah, nothing can be done about the tail, GMOD bone limits suck :frowning:

I really want that model :3