Warrior variant xenomorph From AVP 2010


Has 14 joints for the tail, so it’s pretty flexible and natural. Also has face flexes and fingerposing.

I will release a patch with all modern shaders after all the bugs are fixed with Garrysmod. Right now, it just has a specular map.





Extract the “materials” folder to your “addons/xenomorph” folder. Note that this is only a patch, you still need the original file from Gmod.org

Ooooh that’s pretty awesome. Thank you!

This one looks so much better than the older one I had.

Yeah I’ll probably do some more. I heard Nexus was doing some, so I’ll talk to him and see if we can split the workload.

By looks of the picture it looks like he is raping that guy by sticking his tongue in his eyes.

Fucking awesome.

About time sombody started doing the aliens.

I see you are unfamiliar with H.R. Giger.

Its usually in the forehead, but it can be the eyes too.

Good job.

Is there a possibility of uploading this onto a site other than Garrysmod.org? I can’t log onto there due to it asking for my “Security Code”.

If you actually own Garry’s Mod, there shouldn’t be a problem with garrysmod.org

I can’t grab shoulder and I can’t facepose it.


Or Sigmund Freud for that matter. Giger had recurring nightmares about being raped by strange masculine creatures, so he drew them! Ridley Scott thought they looked great and decided to put them in is alien menace/giant space penis movie.

they look sexy!!! thx m8t!

Finally someone made it. Thank you good sir!

Can anyone else confirm/deny this? Mine works peachy keen.

it works perfectly! Face pose is nice and no problems with posing the model



Goddamn that took forever!

Don’t they usually face-bash from the front? Or is that doing something slightly more obscene…