Xenon hosting?

I found this GREAT, GREAT, server hosting website named Xenon servers, they have live chat, pre-purchase support, etc.:

Here is a list of features for their servers:
• Automatic Mod Installer
• Automatic SVN Updater
• Automatic Setup
• Up to 100 Tick
• No Branding
• Dedicated IP
• TCAdmin Control Panel
• Clan Pay Donation system
• Free sv_downloadurl Hosting
• FTP and File Manager Access
• Orange Box, Counter-Strike: Source and Day of Defeat: Source Content

I am thinking about getting a 45 slot server (5 will be reserved for anti-lag purposes but also for some reservation if needed) to make a roleplay server(still being decided, post for server ideas).

So, has anybody heard of these servers? I have been playing one server by them, the server is a bit laggy i must add buti think thats because its a build server with alot of shit and they have a 10 slot server with 9 slots full. Anyways… can somebody do some research on them? Because i really know shit about servers.


I’ve been using Xenon for more than a year now. I love it! Sometimes my support tickets are replied to within 5 minutes! The servers are always stable (Unless there’s a spammer, but you can’t protect against that). I would recommend Xenon 100%.

My servers: - Standard Build - Deluxe Build

You said that they were good and said tonnes of things about them which seems a lot like you are advertising and then you said that you know little about them and want feedback?

They ARE great. Low prices. Easy control panel. And rarely is there any lag. If your going to get a server, go with xenon servers.

Thanks for the great feedback!

Joined this month, pretty much a copypaste from their website (maybe with some added superlatives), and even with the “a bit laggy comment” this is far from a legit post. And not the first of its kind for Xenon.

It’s a legit post. This isn’t some undercover advertisement from Xenon.

Yeah, I’m not sure who that is. If we wanted an advertisement, we would post one in the marketplace or something.

Can’t say I’ve had a good experience with Xeon so far. The actual server is fine, but support response takes anywhere between 1-9 hours and had a little over ten hours total server downtime and 17 hours on FTP downtime. All in one go, apparently the servers power plug came out - though why the FTP would be down for an additional seven hours is beyond me.

Again, that being said the server is fine. No lag yet because of CPU limitations or anything, but this is only with 3-4 people on a build server so far.

Hopefully the downtime I did have with them was a one-time deal.

My server has been on for days with 15-20 players not crashing, there super stable allow you to set tic rate ect there awesome.

The power connection on a network switch came out (which affected one box). That is the first time that anything like that has ever happened to us and I doubt that it will occur again.

My server’s been running smoothly for a while now, only problem was sound scripts not working which was fixed in a support ticket later. No tickrate limits, no file limits, etc. It’s really a good deal for the price.

That’s pretty… unfortunate.

Hot glue it, works for us :stuck_out_tongue:

This pretty much is the market place. Most Gmod players come here.

I’ve had great experiences with them in the past, I suggest you go with them.

I’ve never had problems.

They kick ass. Got two servers from them.

I bough a CS:S server from them and it was great. I had to cancel it because nobody played in it and I hardly played CS:S at all. I’ll definitely go back to them though.

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Yup, definitely one of the best and most supportive hosts out there. (:

It shouldn’t, but you could use wildcard to allow all IPs in the block?

Also, we will be happy to add any modules to the mod installer.

The module is on the mod installer, I’ve installed it. The other things don’t matter anymore anyway (:

Here’s what I’m trying to achieve with the gm_mysql module.
[lua] // Connect.
SF.Connection, SF.Error = mysql.connect( “IPHERE”, SF.MySQL.User, SF.MySQL.Pass, SF.MySQL.Data );
// Check that we’re connected.
if ( SF.Connection == 0 ) then

	// Debug it erroring.
	SF.Utility.Debug( "64: MYSQL ERROR: " .. SF.Error );

As you can see I clearly specify the right IP in which I wish to connect to. It’s not the server IP, it’s an external one for the database (i.e. the hostname).

However, it’s being decided that instead we’ll try to connect to the servers IP, giving this error in the console:

Access denied for user 'myuser'@'' (using password: YES)

Any ideas?