Xenon Servers and sv_fastdownloadurl

Does anyone use Xenon Servers and have their fast download configured correctly?

you mean this?

sv_downloadurl “

Yes, and sorry that’s what I meant.

EDIT: Xenon fixed the issue after I sent them a ticket. Thanks Xenon!

I don’t want to make a late post. But Xenon has really good Support. Ask them anything about you’r server, and they will help you or even fix a problem with 5 or less minutes.

And elpis will fix a problem in 10 seconds flat.

Honestly, don’t wander into a thread about Xenon just in order to post about how another host is better in your opinion. That’s a dick move.

we’re not talking about elpis are we

Xenon advertises “Unmetered Bandwidth”, I bought it, limited to 50gb, told me that I can’t host “stored files” on the webserver and gave me a refund…

Well, at least I got my refund =/

Iv been hosting 2 of my servers with Xenon for 2 years, and I haven’t had 1 problem yet.

i have terrible, TERRIBLE experiences with Xenon. I got no support and was overcharged for servers (30$ for a ten slot)

I have been with Xenon for a very long time, maybe a year. They are the best host… Trust me. They answer tickets very fast and have gotten better lag-free servers. They are a must-have game server host. Don’t listen to old comments on Xenon, they are new and improved, they are the best host.

I will trust one person who says they’re good compared to the hundreds complaining about them. Okay!

When I post Support ticks, the Xenon team normally reply’s withing 10min.
Maybe you posted a Support ticket on a Saturday or a Sunday? xD