Xenon Servers is Hiring

I couldn’t find a better forum section for this, so I’ll post here. We are hiring two live sales/support level I staff and one support tech. Please PM me if you are interested and think that you are qualified. You must be 18 or older and you will be required to sign a NDA. Candidates with resumes will have priority over those without.


there’s a server hosting forum in the gmod section.

I’m aware of that, but I figured that there would be more technically-minded people in hardware and software who would be interested in this.

Also, there is an emphasis of proper grammar usage and an extensive knowledge of the English language.

Your write.


If you posted the pay, I think you’d get a lot more respondses.

I haven’t checked with Brock, but pay is probably TBD/DOE.

Damn, I’d apply if I wasn’t 14 :v:

Would you accept a recently turned 17 year old?

Ah I’m 17 fuck :frowning:

Your 15.

Hmm, maybe it’d help if I’d mentioned my age when applying.
Oh well, nothing to do but wait and see now.

Excuse me I’m 17.

And you’re even younger than that.

I’m bord and I hope I get this job because I need something better to do since bugerking, mcdonalds and every other place in town isn’t hiring. All of the store owners go to my church so I’ve ask’d them about job opportunity’s and they have told me that they aren’t hiring currently they’ve already given out the summer jobs.

Was this picture supposed to prove your age or show how much acne you’re retaining?

My age and I’m sweating alot more now since my s/c unit is out so acne is bad right now.

Dont be an asshole.