Xenon Servers vs Serienty Servers

I need help to choose which one, i live in canada(lower ping)

Can anyone help me choose?
The prices are like 2$ from each other but yeah .

Xenon loads their boxes with servers, so if you enjoy your server’s tickrate being fucked when you have 10+ players on go for it, never heard of serenity though

Both are shit, go with NFO or Jest

Thank you for the constructive feedback on our service.

I’ve used Serenity for about half a year, their support have been very professional and even helped me when my scripts were causing the problems. Never had any problems really. I havent used any other host for Garrys mod, all my other gmod servers are running on a NFOs VPS and OVH dedicated, I prefer the freedom with VPS/dedi.

Back to Serenity, I havent hosted any roleplay gamemodes on it so I cant comment on the performance for that, however I got no lag or delayes with a full 32 slot server. The ping is also great, my only complaint would be that their DDos protection isnt the best if you compare it to OVH or NFO, but im paying much more for that service so its expected to be better. With that said my server has only been down for 30 min in total the past half year, I dont know how much I’ve been ddosed tho.

Excuse my bad writing, on phone.

Thank you for your feedback, the DDoS protection in the UK has been upgraded and we also got servers in France with OVH now. We take feedback very seriously, and improve our servers where possible.

It can be a waste of money renting a single server depending on what you are paying.

If your costs come to $30 a month or more just get a 3 core vps from NFO. You will have so much more freedom and performance is normally better.

Don’t use their managed service, as this will just be the same as renting a server on an overloaded box.

Only reason I went with Xenon servers over SerenityServers is because Serenity doesn’t have any server located in the US as far as I know. Plus Xenon servers charges for more than 5 DDoS attacks… Honestly not like I can control getting DDoSed, why should I need to pay 25$ more.

Well personally Lemoncubehosting.com is the best for any Gmod server, plus This coupon I have gives 10% off the whole time you are useing there servers btw the coupon is Rampage, like the best ddos protection I have ever seen.

Damn this post went off, i forgot about this haha, i already went with nfo servers, seems pretty good so far, but thanks guys!

It depends on your server size, if you are looking for a high amount of players I would personally go with a dedicated host like OVH.

Rent a vps / dedi from them and just setup gmod on there.
More cost effective than a game server host.


Also OVH has Canadian points to lower your ping for you!

Combined with 300mb/s speeds would be great for small servers.

OVH is also expensive for one sever (as well as soyoustart)

Kimsufi isn’t! Kimsufi is OVH’s low-end stuff. Kimsufi provides affordable dedicated servers at a price that won’t break the bank! Kimsufi includes OVH’s proprietary DDoS protection for free!

KS-4: Core™ i5-3570S @ 3.1GHz, GB ram, 1TB HDD, 100Mbps, $28 a month (if you get it from the CA data center. If you go with a France data center it has a less powerful CPU)
I have one of these and run five servers on it (three 32 slot TF2 and two 128tick csgo) and even with all of them full I could add another server or two without any real issues. You don’t need this for a single server though so you might be better off with the KS-3/

The KS-3 is $21 a month and it has a Core™ i3-2130 @3.4GHz, 8GB ram, 1TB HDD, and a 100Mbps uplink!
They may be desktop CPUs, but for SRCDS they work fine.

You can get a whole 150% off if you use my coupon code IAMNOTASHILL! That’s right, with the coupon code IAMNOTASHILL we pay you!

[sp]All jokes aside Kimsufi servers are actually pretty good. Just know going into it that you get basically no support. The only real support is via the forums. If you send in a ticket expect it to take a week to get a single response. You get what you pay for.[/sp]

How the hell does that work

Works perfectly for my servers, it’s like $55 for a year.
And you get a free 1 month trial with $200 to spend.

I lolled at how this thread went form comparing two companies, to everybody advertising random companies.

I wouldn’t count this under advertising because people are sharing their opinion of the services.