Xenon Servers

Call me an idiot but how do access the server? Like go to tcadmin and then? Any help is aprreciated.

Go to TCAdmin, put your login details and press enter, done.

It shows subusers, My Details, Change Password, Support, Community Forums, Steam Group, Twitter, and SteamLookup. None of those are things for my server.

If there’s no game servers page and you just ordered it probably means that your server is still being installed. Wait for email.

Wait for your server to be setup if you’ve just bought it


I recieved an email saying:

Hello Jason,
You can access the control panel from the following link:http://cp.xenonservers.comUser: Thank you for choosing Xenon Servers.
** Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored. **

I figured that was confirming activation am I wrong?


Yep, just got real confirmation email. Thanks for the support!