It seems the quality of xenon has gone for the worst since I have last had a server there.
Server was pretty laggy the first day we’ve had it. On and off. When on only sandbox and flatgrass and less than 25 props spawned with less than five people.

Why don’t you send in a ticket instead.

Because there’s only one employee on (most) of the time and Xenon can take days to reply to a support ticket sometimes. Brock has been understaffed since his entire volunteer team quit and Chris left.

Last I heard Brock doesn’t even work for Xenon anymore and he’s off doing his own thing. He hasn’t even been on steam in like two months or something.

Seriously? Well, that sucks for the people who still have game servers at Xenon.

Looks like Xenon are royally fucked.

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Same as 95% of other gmod gameserver hosts…

Didn’t Brohoster stop offering Gameservers as well

Their site says otherwise

They’re still running them, but they’re not currently on sale for some reason… (probably because minecraft is exceptionally more profitable)

No option for GMod servers.

Yeah, solely for the reason that I don’t want any new SRCDS clients having to deal with TCAdmin. I’d rather lose sales than reputation. Once the new control panel is back out in June we’re starting up sales for the games we used to provide and then some.

Sounds dramatic man, why do you think that?

wait what?

Whats wrong with tcadmin?

Most GSPs I’ve heard of are incompetent. There’s a few exceptions, but very few.

brohoster is restarting gmod sale mid-june according to jwj

Brohosters support is just the same. Iv had ticket open for over a month and the problem hasnt been solved (cant connect via ftp, cant run steam update etc) but the status of ticket has gone to “On hold”? Cant even get a response on there forums.

Get your act together Bro!

P.S If anyone is looking for good dedicated servers and support try www.killercreation.co.uk best I’ve had so far.

I haven’t had much problems with TCAdmin for srcds, but Minecraft is a completely different story. Course, when you can code your own you’re always better off.

Xenonservers used to be awesome when I worked there.



I’m not offering any colocation to the public yet, that’s why the big “coming soon” and “available soon” are on there.