XenonServers Game/Web Host Experience

I want to share my experience with xenonservers. I never hosted my own server with them, but I did gave support for people that used xenonservers and I was a developer for one of the servers that used them.

There my list of issues I have experienced with xenonservers:
1. Their claimed “20 min Avg. Response Time” is completely false. More like “20 hours Avg. Response Time”, it literaly took whole day to get a response from them. One of the tickets was request to delete some folders that couldn’t be removed trough FTP. Compared to other gamehost providers(notice that the task was way more complicated than folder deletion), xenonservers response time is aweful. And it’s not just the one ticket, all tickets I had were responded in 20 hours.
2. Support team knows nothing about issues. I had an issue where none could remotely connect to MySQL server(and yes, I did use “%” wildcard in Remote MySQL). I sent the timeout error to support, and they responded “do you have correct credentials?”, seriously? I had to send them examples of how wrong credentials error looks and how timeout error looks. After 5 days of proving them that I had all the correct information and that is something was wrong on their side, they responded “Ok, we’re going to transfer you to engineering department” … After 2 days, they have finally fixed the issue.
3. Updates takes whole day. Meaning none is going to be able to play for whole day(or more) on your servers when gmod update happens. Writing a support ticket won’t help either because it also takes a whole day.
4. For some reason when I provide link to the most recent binary module, they would google the module and download outdated module(gmod12).

My recommendation would be to stay away from this host as far as possible. Personally my favorite host is NFO Servers, updates are instant, and their support response time is literally less than 10 minutes.

I did light development for someone who used Xenon; the prices are rock-bottom, but the quality is as can be expected for that price - the staff is also unprofessional and unhelpful when a response can be solicited (this was over a year ago - it doesn’t appear to have changed since). I’ve had good experiences with NFO (close to instant support responses, helpful and professional), also heard many good things about Elpis.

I really wish people would stop using GSPs and just rent a VPS to do it themselves. You can host a server, teamspeak, website, mysql, etc. on a $10 - $20 VPS whereas with a GSP you only get a laggy >20 slot server.

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best providers for vps:

never use bluevm, their prices are great but the response time approaches a week for most tickets. utterly atrocious.

+1 for RamNode, excellent support. Been with them for years and my tickets get answered within the hour and they also respond over Twitter if you have issues with your node being overloaded and the like.

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However GSPs definitely fill the niche of “idiot server owner who doesn’t know the first thing about how to use a computer”, which seems to be worryingly common in the Gmod community. Over on ScriptFodder I frequently get tickets asking me to walk them through installing stuff that is as simple as downloading and extracting to addons.

yeah you’re right, so as I see it: if they’re too lazy / dumb to set up a server, they probably shouldn’t be running one anyway.

xenon is so 2010

I’m curious, how is it running a server on a VPS instead of a pre-set up servers like NFO offers? It’s like when I open the start.bat on my PC, all frankensteined up together with other apps like say XAMPP apache for fastDL and MySQL, running on windows? They give me the programs? How do I access the machine? 25$ for 6 cores and 3gb is quite nice, I get to host 2-3ish servers or so with website and whatever else while a game server for that price gets me 1 20slot server but it’s all handled by them, website and SQL too which is quite nice for the lazy ass that I am.

EDIT: also when they say 3gb ram, do I get like 1.5 because the other half is eaten by the OS or they give 3gb of spare ram to do whatever the hell I want with it? Btw excuse my shit formatting, I’m on mobile.

it’s like getting a computer with 3gb of memory, if you’re using a bloated server OS like windows then yes you’ll eat half of the memory.

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also; you access terminals using PuTTy / an ssh tool and windows using RDP or something similar

you have to do everything your self (download the programs, set them up, keep your system up to date etc), and if it says 3gb you’ll get 3gb ram on the system, whatever windows/linux takes up will eat into that too

Hmm, I would really recommend Croncos, http://www.croncos.com there filtering is just insane i have been using them for 3 weeks now nothing but quality so far getting ping of around 10.

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NFO is definitely my favorite, too. I haven’t found another host that can compete with their low pings and provide exceptional support with an excellent control panel.

I was just told by one of my clients that he has to send a ticket to NFO to get his server to update to the latest gmod update from the other week.
Is this true, do they not have a Steam Update button in the control panel?

He is either mislead, or he has a special issue in which some manual intervention is needed as NFO automatically updates their servers with the latest versions once they come out. I always get the required update email and immediately know that my servers are going to have script issues thanks to these updates :confused:

So they don’t have a steam update button?

No, they have a custom coded control panel, and automatically apply game updates, there is no setting to modify this as far as I am aware.

Well that’s funny because I have had about 5 people now running my gamemode complaining that is was just causing errors, when I asked them if they had updated their server they had no idea what I was talking about. Turns out they were all with NFO and they had to send tickets in to get them updated.

So these automatic updates seem to be a load of nonsense.

So if someone deletes a critical core file and the server won’t work without it they have to open a ticket asking you to run a steam update with verify all?

No, they have a custom coded control panel, and automatically apply game updates, there is no setting to modify this as far as I am aware.

I take it you didn’t read my post?

Sorry, I have been having internet connection errors. The only time that a manual fix must be applied is if a customer has modified the core base files. NFO doesn’t want to delete the customer’s work, so instead they allow them to remain unchanged in order to avoid frustration from lost work.