Xenthor Teaser

Hey there mates.

This is my new teaser to the upcoming machinima ‘Xenthor’

Well yes, it’s actually going to be released. Just wanted to get your opinions on that. Also, as I just started to film that machinima, I can still improve it from the very beginning, so if you guys have some suggestions or some sort of that, just PM me or post it here.

The plot is quite mystic, the teaser won’t tell you anything but some little things about the story.

Dead Space related, eh?

I think it’s kinda cool, actually.

You should of put bullet holes in the walls and shells all over the place, so the dead bodies would have a convincing story to them (I just saw 3 ragdolls with blood decals sprayed behind them).

You got a point.

Well, I kinda tried to not reveal that much. There should be still questions like ‘Who or what killed them’
If you know what I mean.

Still. I’d like to hear what you guys think what the story would be like. As this could inspire me in a way. I of course have a script already, but I can still improve it.