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Xeria-Studios.com- Work is being done on the website, please keep this in mind! Feel free to join our forums.

Xeria-Studios is proud to unveil there new servers. We used to have a semi popular SB server back in December that had to be shut down due to personal reasons of the owner. At the moment we plan on adding a DarkRP server and a Trouble in Terrorist Town server, and we still have room for one more Garrys Mod server. Our specs are:

Dual Gigabit Ethernet
Processor (2) Intel Xeon Processors 3.06 GHz
Ram (3) GB DDR SDRAM with Advanced ECC capabilities
Network Controller (2) NC7781 PCI-X Gigabit NIC
Harddrives (2) 18.2 GB 10,000 RPM Hard Drives


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Our DarkRP server is still being worked on constantly. We are removing many guns, making them only be bought in shipments, and raised there price. You also must get a gun license from the mayor or a CP. We run RP_Evocity_v2d_fix.There a are a few custom jobs such as:

-Default Jobs
-Black Market Dealer(Sells the usual lockpicks, keypad crackers, etc.)
-Resistance Leader and Resistance Member(Typically a religious cult type thing)
-Drug Dealer( I know… Trying to get the owner to remove Drugs and such.)

Most other jobs can be done as citizen, such as thief and the other typical jobs that you can buy equipment for. We have wire(Once again, trying to get the owner to remove this.), PHX, and fading door addons.

If you abuse CP, Mayor, prop spawning, or the Toolgun instead of simply being banned we will rp_revoke whatever it is you abused. If you continue to minge and such you will be warned/kicked/banned. We have a policy for our admins that they strictly follow.

Please keep in mind if you join this, some more things are going to be removed or added.

Constructive criticism, or non-generic “DarkRP suckslol”

Trouble in Terrorist town
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We’re running the Fretta version of TTT that came with the recent Garrys Mod update. We may expand on this, with a possibility of adding new weapons. Although our plan was to have a non modded 16 slot TTT and a 24 slot TTT with custom mods.

For now we are running Haste mod and thats it.

** Server Three**

To be decided.

** I will be working on further editing this post. I was told to just put something up to try and gain popularity, as I have something to do tonight.**