[Xeria-Studios] Semi-Serious RP

Hello Facepunch. I’ve been lurking this forum for awhile to see what people like and don’t like about server advertisements and I’m going to cut to the main point and say yes it is a DarkRP server…

We are using DarkRP for now as I am not a coding type person, I base my studies more onto software and hardware as I’m working on getting my a+ certification, a little off topic yes but I beleive that is a good explanation as to why I’m using such a hated gamemode.

We have a website and forum which is a work in progress but it is almost finished, just need to add a radio and DJ application and it should be finished. We have a little over 60 registered members on our forums and rising. Our website has lots of content that I fail to see on other garrysmod server websites. We have a full download page where we got the links / SVN links to all the add-ons hosted on the server for you’re convince.

Less about the website and more about the server, we are slowly working on getting this DarkRP gamemode more up to par with unique jobs and items you can interact with. As I mentioned above I am not a coder so the server may not have all these cool looking scripts blah blah blah but hopefully we can achieve this in the future.
Our server is using probably the two most common maps (Rp_Downtown_v2, rp_evocity_v2d) but we are on the lookout for more interesting maps.

Xeria-Studios is also going to be releasing more servers in the future (3 more to come in these next 2 weeks) and they should be fretta gamemode and another which is has yet to be decided.

This may just be another regular old server advertisement but if you check out our website you might find something that catches your eye. Please post if you need any specific details or if you just want to troll me for posting another gamemode that’s ruining garrysmod. Thanks for reading. The IP of the server and more can be found on our website at www.xeria-studios.com

What’s different than the other 10,000 darkRP servers? What is unique?

Didn’t you read. This one is semi-serious. It’s not like your father’s RP server where people just dick around. Here, you put in genuine effort into emulating a realistic and serious lifestyle for your digital person. This ain’t no leisurely stroll in the park ok?

@Performual Shame FP ratings seem to be broken for me. Oh well, have a tool.

I highly doubt this is semi-serious, you don’t even take your own post seriously - grammar and such.

I’ll be completely honest with you. Not a lot is different. The only huge difference between this server and a server owned by some other kid would have to be rate of content updates and the growing forums we have. As I said, I am not a coder in any way so for me to change lots on the game mode side of things is a task that I have yet to do. What is unique, well we got all the standard issue add-ons, PHX, Wire ect nothing to special there but we are also adding random sweps and items for the events that we do on occasion. For example we hosted an event called Hungry Hungry Hobos where we made everyone a hobo, set the hunger rate to really high, and placed food randomly on the map and the last one to die was the winner. We are trying to think out of the box in terms of events and content.

Please reply if you got more questions.

They all say “S3RiUs Arp33” and “S3m1-Srs”. None of them are, probably never will be.

More addons is ** bad **, they give you more clientside files to download.

How did I not take my post seriously?

I think he was talking to the other guy, not sure though. But grammar wise, same thing.

I agree with you when you say the more addons the worse as the files downloaded can reach sky high levels but if you think about it, the people whom do download them all must be in some way dedicated to play the server as if they were just going on to screw around why would they bother downloaded all those files?

Noticed similar things on your website.

I started this thread to get my servers name out there, not to get replies in a sarcastic tone of voice. Thanks for posting but was it really necessary to be rude about it?


Please elaborate.

At least you take criticism well.

Fixed the spelling mistake. Thank you for telling me.

His first language is definitely not english.

You’re the one to talk? Sorry for being in a rush and try to finish my post. Oh and English is capitalized, maybe you need to learn it too.

I was trying to help you out, since you want to point out small flaws like that on my post, I will do the same with yours.

You don’t need to put fifty periods in one sentence, that’s what commas are made for.

In a post FlapJack quoted, from somewhere unknown, you said ( If this is yours )

“hosted on the server for you’re convince.”

Which is saying, “hosted on the server for you are convince.”


The thing is, my first language isn’t English.

I was trying to help you out initially, you don’t need to be so thrust-full to attacking someone back, just saying.

Also, don’t use DarkRP, and if you do, don’t post it on facepunch, because nobody cares about it, there’s way too many servers running it, some say serious, some say semi serious and some just say stupid thing that don’t make any sense. In general, most DarkRP servers are NOT role-playing at all.

  • You don’t need jobs to role-play
  • You don’t need one billion addons to role-play.
  • You don’t need a particular job for every tiny little thing you could possibly do, you can just role-play them

In my mind, most DarkRP players think they are role-playing, and I truly believe they think they are, they aren’t, they are playing a game of get rich, get guns and fight the opposing gang or enemy. All the servers I’ve ever been in are all like that, although I’m sure there’s probably 1-2 servers in Garry’s mod that are actual role-playing, but if they know how to role-play, they will realize that they don’t need all the stupid un-needed additions DarkRP comes with, or the useless additions people add later on, and they will just use a different gamemode, like Catdaemons * Ultra-Light Role-play Addon *. They can get the same thing done, and better.

Sorry for going off-topic, I just felt the need to express that whilst typing my initial message and let you know, and others, that you don’t need/shouldn’t make a thread on a DarkRP server. Thanks.

Maybe you did not read my initial post but I clearly flamed DarkRP. You going on about how it sucks is only driving my exact point, so what if I can’t make my own game mode at least I admit it. The only reason I posted on here was because some members on my forum told me that it would get the name out, but apparently this site is filled with people who would put down every post they see with DarkRP without actually visiting them or their community.

A quick question to you, regardless of the game mode, how can it be terrible if the community that is playing it is not? For example you may have a 20 slot DarkRP filled with random people everyday who just want to Minge and give the servers name a bad reputation or you can have that exact same server but filled with regular members who go to it every day and who wish to role-play which is want we want to achieve.

You say how you don’t need jobs to role-play and that you don’t need a million add-ons. I disagree as it seems as though the majority of Garrysmod players are immature 14 year old who need guidance by having specific jobs and by having many add-ons it drives originality as not every server has X add-on. You brought up the point of get rich, get guns, and fight the opposing gang or enemy which on a lot of servers that would be considered random deatchmatch or whatever but if you really thing about it and use your brain although it may be hard for you but if you manage to do it you will release that in REAL LIFE people can form a gang, get guns and fight the opposing. I don’t know how much time you spend outside to notice that gang fighting is a real happening in today’s world.

To sum it all up I do applaud you for bumping my topic will unnecessary garbage to show your love for the server and I hope to talk to you in the near future, let’s just hope you don’t flame this thread again and it gets quite annoying to reply to the obvious. Thanks.

So you live in a city were **every single person ** is fighting? You must live in a place worse than Afghanistan.

Also, about the jobs, They shouldn’t be role-playing if they need that, You are one of those DarkRP players that think you know what you’re talking about in my opinion. But whatever, have fun. Also, I’m not flaming.

I never said anything about a city where every single person was fighting, all I gave you was a very obvious example of a situation which may take place in an environment where crime and gang related activity is high. I do apologize if my example of a outside experience frightens you, maybe you should get out more often.

You’re right, if they need that many jobs they should not be role-playing but who cares? The community I started is about having fun game play not super-serious-follow-the-rules-or-ban type nonsense that you see from most servers. I do suggest you come on my server and see for yourself even though some of the regular players saw you’re posts and laughed. I’ll tell them not you flame you too hard.

It’s a fun server with good admins that handle things fairly.

Don’t knock the server just because for the time being it uses DarkRP.

We’re working on that.