XeroDevelopment (WIP)

Creating a “Jail Roleplay” type gamemode.

Website can be seen here:

Preview so far here:

Currently short on people, as I’m doing everything myself at the moment aside from the map, so if you’re interested in joining the team add me on steam.
Steam Profile is “XeroDevelopment”


Indeed, however the roleplay being serious or not is still a question at this point.

Looks very good indeed. Though I’m a bit worried that the HUD and UI won’t work properly on lower resolutions.

This looks interesting, how far a long is it?

Wow, pretty nice looking so far. I was expecting another nooby gamemode by some new guy.

I like the hud.

Release it?

Yeah, I was expecting a Dark RP “re-write”

Will this be released?

That hud is amazing.

I dig your HUD style though it’s a bit inconstant. I also noticed that in the rules you have to /me before you pull out a gun. This is from my experience the BEST possible way of making your game not fun. If you really want to delay people from pulling out a gun then just actually delay it with a set timer, otherwise people will simply bind the /me command to a key and still get away with “assgunning”.

This is just what I’ve seen with the PERP implementation of the /me command.

Those are temporary rules, just there to fill up some space, and which will most likely not be included in the completed version.


I see, based on that… I could just make it so when the gun is pulled out (ak-47 for example) it displays Phaze pulls out AK-47 (automatically) and few seconds later the gun actually comes out.

Or display equipped weapon on characters back…

Many workarounds, nothing set in stone yet.

Sounds good. Try to keep it fresh. :smiley:

Absolutely. Thanks.

Make an animation of your arms pulling the gun off your back insted of making you wait randomly.

Gotta admit, you sure know how to design a site, that HUD also looks amazing. Good job.

That’s a very good idea.

This is awesome can’t wait to try it.