xError taken down from garrysmod.org?

Why was my addon “xError” taken down from garrysmod.org?

It didn’t have anything in it, other then Lua files.

What was it?

An addon to log, save, and hide errors.

Well, considering the database went down I would ASSUME that it was deleted from the database by accident/by the technical fault.

Probably the last thing you listed. I don’t believe Garry and his team of mods like the lua error hiding addons as it’s just a way to hide someone being a bad coder. Probably the “fix your errors instead of hiding them”.

What’s up with the dumbs? I even believe Garry said that once.

I’m fairly certain Garry would be a lot more busy trying to stop things like SethHack than preventing people from “knowing you’re a bad coder.”

Because there are no moderators at gmod.org and garry manages everything alone.

maybe garry thought it was shit

clears his throat Please, I am Belgium. (ohwait, wrong line)

Wait, why would xError be shit? There were alot of people downloading it and positive comments