Xfire, the recording wonder.

I’ve noticed a lot of people have been asking questions about their current method of in-game recording, over some time of course. I’ve also noticed that those who use fraps tend to have, “www.fraps.com” Written on the video they took. Gamecam does the same thing, it leaves it’s name on the video you recorded. I’ve used fraps, and gamecam, and oh god even hycam. The best I’ve run across is Xfire. What made me even more proud in my choice of in-game recording was tonight when I went into Barnes & Noble and picked up SmartComputing Magazine and found and article about Xfire in it. I had no idea that it had all these features listed in the article that Xfire has. So, the point of this thread is not to advertise, but to inform others about this awesome program that is in-fact free.

He’s wikipedia’s definition:

Here’s a list of features it has:

*Game detection
*Instant messages
*Voice chat
*Screenshots and videos (customizable)
*Clan and guild system
*Live Video (Broadcasting)
*In-Game Web Browsing

It even has Machinima contests and game tournaments.

You can customize skins and put in several plugins. (Music and such, see wikipedia and http://www.xfire.com/ for more info)

Here’s Xfire’s website

And here’s its wikipedia page.

And it even has a Mac version, for all your optimized, advanced, Mac Gaming needs :smug:

Again, I’m not advertising, it’s free, this is more of a heads up sort of deal.

Oh, and it has over 14 million registered users.

I got another idea, use source recorder.

Fraps is the way to go if your PC can handle it. So don’t act smart and say ‘use SR’.

Xfire is easier to use than Source Recorder, Source Recorder wasn’t mentioned in a computer magazine.


Did you even bother to read the OP?

What about lag? Source recorder cleans up your footage.

Thats the thing, ‘if your computer can handle it’. Mine cant, slows the thing right done, and the quility isnt even that good.

The work you have to put into source recorder is worth the no lag and great quility you can get in your video.

What computer magazine? who cares if it wasnt mentioned, they were obvioulsy talking about a recorder for all games. anyway, im talking about filming garrysmod footage, since this is in the Garrysmod thread.

Wegame is brilliant imo if you’re too lazy to use SR

:smug: The work you put into source recorder is more than the work you have to put into xfire, but the result is the same.

No it isnt, again ill say it… ** lag **.

Also another point.
If you can map in hammer this is very useful.
if youve recorded something using SR but there is something on the map you dont like, eg. fog isnt good or theres a building you dont like, you can edit the map then go back into Gm and re-render your filming that you did, and the changes you made will apper.

Doesn’t lag for me.

all i can say is XD and

Xfire Sucks it lags uncontroably for me, and it shouldnt. I switched to fraps and im gettin a great quality vid and ** NO ** lag. And I plan to switch to source recorder as soon as i completly figure it out.

and personaly i dont care if its in a magazine or not Xfire S-U-C-K-S


No…way off there kid, way off

WeGame All the way

Guys, there are great advantages to each recording tool. Let’s not start this “fraps vs xfore vs source recorder” Bullshit.

A great thing about SR is that when you get it down you can use it with fraps. And if you get to know demo smoother, it makes things 85% easier.