XG3 Extreme G Racing

Model Artists
Map Artists
Beta Testers
Extreme-G 3, or XGIII, is a futuristic racing game, originally For game Cube and Ps2.
But with your help This can be a part of Garry’s mod.
The will be an arsenal of Weapons from Machine guns to Missiles There will be tons of things to buy.
Physics Mod
The Physics mod is needed for this game to work other wise yuor stuck at going 112 and you go to a loop and die, But with the physics mod your average speed will be around 500 mph
The will be lots of maps i will make the prefrabs and spawns for the cycles.
Yes this game mode will be released to the public when finished to add you your servers.

Any Questions, Ideas ,or up for the job Pm Me at http://steamcommunity.com/id/screwyou

I want $50/hour.

yo guys I gtot idea I need coders map artist model artists and testers kthxbai

All y’all scripters out there go fetch me a Lua.

Email me teh codez

and what exactly is the OP going to contribute to this project?

So how are you helping in any way

a new gamemode will be made i can not pay you money but you will enjoythe new gamemode


i will be mapping mpdeling etc i can not lua but im good at mapping and stuff

Yet another thread that needs everything done for them…well,almost everything.
Also,spelling made me wince.

Yet another idoit who can’t read.I said i would do the most of the maping and some of the modeling

Pics of your work, please. Last time I worked in a project, the “leader” pretended being a good modeler, and we finally found out that be barely knew how to deform a cube.


My old gamemode Wipeout is pretty much this. But I didn’t have any mappers or modellers so it bunked.

If you want the source to that all you need to do is add some more weapons and maps and models etc.


The old thread.

I don’t want to keep coding it but I will do some hot fixes for you to add content to. I made it pretty simple to do so. If you can prove that you can model and map properly I will give you the source.

yes it looks cool but in xg3 the track isnt flat its curvy and wavy like a rope with twists and turns and its moter cycles with guns on them


and pics as you call it i don’t have but when it comes to maping thats what im best at so far i made some TNT in XSI model tool but i never did save it and my computer was redone.
The cycle it self will need lua to stick to a surface and not force exit you out of the cycle when on the upsidedown tracks to tell you the truth the only modeling i can do is weapons but the moter cycle i can’t

The N64 games were great, never played it on the cube though.

It’s ps2 ,too.

Ah, I remember XG2 on the N64. XG3 too, though I was really bad at it… Wish I kept those games.

So nobody played XG1? Lol.

Lol, never seen it.

nope i have seen pics of it tho