XGORX - Vanilla/PVP/Sleepers/AIR/NOOB Friendly - Seattle Based


100 slots (will upgrade to more if need be)

To connect press F1 and enter:


Welcome all! We are friendly, small community looking for more players to join in on the fun. We do allow for PVP, but will not tolerate excessive Griefing. And we will assist new players, or players that were hacked/exploited rebuild if need be.

Airdrops - First one there with the biggest gun (or best aim) wins :slight_smile:

There will be no player nor mod abuse. As our server grows we will also hold events with prizes.

So if youโ€™re looking to actually play the game, without the hackers/lag/exploits with some good people and make some new friends (and good hearted enemies). Come join us!