Xhizors Mapping Texture Pack

Hey, i put together all of the textures so far that i have made for others to use. All custom textures.
Please if you use this textures and release a map using these textures please credit me and link to this file.

Brick Textures
Grass textures
skyscraper textures
concrete textures
road textures
sand textures
rock textures
wall textures
Construct textures
wood textures.



Wow awesome textures man I will be using these

Awww yeahhh.

Are these edited versions of HL2 textures?

Because they all look strangely familiar…

Nice! Great textures, makes it a lot easier for making maps that don’t look like Gordon raped all the walls with a crowbar.

Valve should make some good clean textures for once, not all the grunge shit we have now.


Sorry fo being a dumbass, but where do I install these (I’m a beginner with mapping).

But the folder (xhiZors_texture pack) into your materials folder.

Oh that was easy

Nothing like a quality release from Xhizors.


thx man.in future ,if i gonna build a map.i will use your textures.youre man.


and yah.where do i need to exract this folder?sorrz 4 teh noobish question.


ah sorry.you post an answer to dr. pepper.nah,forget me.

Thank you so much!