>XI< Xtremeidiots ~ Safezone ~ Kits ~ No/Sleepers ~ Instant Craft

>XI< Xtremeidiots Rust Server

Safezone ~ Will be enabled in French valley soon we are waiting on a mod update.
kits ~ You can type /kits to see your available kits then type say /kit starter for your starter kit.
No/Sleeper ~ Sleepers are disabled so at least your current inventory is safe if you are offline.
Instant Craft ~ Crafting is instant so you can build quick.
No Fall damage ~ Because it’s fun!
Warps ~ You can type /warps for available warps then type say /warp spawn for the starter area that we are creating.

This is a new server and will be up 24/7 for all to join and play.
We have active admins and want all to have fun here.
If there are any issues post in our forums.
You can reach us on our forums at http://www.xtremeidiots.com
Join our TS3 @ ts.xtremeidiots.com:9182 Pass:crappy
This is an adult server if that is a problem you should find another server!