XIII - The Game Models


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XIII is a first-person shooter video game, developed and published by Ubisoft and released on November 18, 2003. The game is based upon the 1984 Belgian XIII comic book series.


8 Years after the release I’m starting to port from the game. Rate me


s. I’m still a huge fan of this game and the art style is just inspiring. Gildor, the creator of UE Viewer, added XIII support to his program after I requested it about a month ago. You can find UE Viewer here.



Casual XIII:




KKK Member:


(No racism intended.)


I plan to port all kind of important characters including the weapons. Also I’d like to add facial flexes to all of the characters (still need to decide what shapekey im going to use). To increase the cartoony quality of the textures I loaded the textures into Vector Magic and they really did magic on the textures. The ragdolls are going to be flexible similiar to the Improved Phys from Nexus_Elite for the TF2 Player Models (still need to ask for permission for some of his physic values).


that is very good idea

I love this game style.
And I cant wait to see these models.

I can’t remember his name…FLY,his name was Jason Fly! ©
There are must be Corrington and The Mongoose ports!

I finally have a full-on reason to use this:

I really, really loved this game as a kid, and I still love it to this day. If it was on Steam, I would buy it in a heartbeat just to replay it over and over.

I seriously, seriously love you.

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Which reminds me… The ending of this game was a major cliffhanger.

And they never made a sequel.

they did.

for cellphones only.

I loved this game and i still love it, im trying to install it on vista following those instructions that are floating around, but they just don’t seem to work.

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also, please TRY to make SWEPS for this, it would be awesome.

I require the name of this.

cant really find much pictures of it, but all i have to say is its just a 2D shooter like metal slug.

i think its XIIII for old verison phones.

That’s awesome i hope you can release it soon!

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As shapekey’s go - I find it’s best to use the default valve set and use the flex data found in the SDK. That makes it compatible with the faceposer presets.

Just as a recommendation

Those are fucking great, I loved XIII. Would you mind porting Death?

I still want a full version of the song he sings.

XIII’s such a great game.

Woah… awesome!
I loved that game. Really lookin’ forward to this.

Will you port the guns too?

Haha. I plan to port all kind of important and cool characters including the death. Im still trying to figure out what the hl2 shapekeys consist of. Anyone got a correct list? The HL2 Shapekey on the wiki isnt correct at all. I WILL port the guns, altough im not sure if I can extract the animations at the moment. We’ll see. Dont expect any big updates in the next 2 days. Im quite busy but after those 2 days I’ll try to get a demo out on this weekend including some characters.

the death? lol i don’t know him any photo please?

The Doc, you mean? Number 20?

In the sdk directory then you have the QC and QCI files for male_6 I think, you can use those for the flex data for your ragdolls.

if i ever gt my XIII installed right we need to play a game as FP.