Xixo12e's unofficial list of building tips

Note to mods - if you think this is useful, please grant it a sticky so it can be easily seen by first-time browsers and seasoned builders alike, easily.

This is a bit of a beta, and I’ll update it every so often, but it’s primarily to show people new to building how to make a big splash on Facepunch, instead of releasing a horrible contraption and being flamed to shame.

Part I - Planning

  1. Decide on what you want to build, and your goals
    1. Do I want a car? Yes.
    2. What do I want it to be able to do? Pull 50,000 GMod weight while weighing under 10,000 GMod weight.
    3. How should I go about doing this? Using Wire Thrusters

  2. Make a blueprint - Draw it out on paper, model it in a CAD software or 3DS/GMax, or whatever else works for you. This doesn’t *(and shouldn’t)*have to be followed millimeter-by-millimeter (or inch-by-inch), but just to give a general idea of what your contraption will look like. To those flaming me about it, it doesn’t have to be accurate. But it should be an outline (think of an actual art piece vs an outline)

  3. Test your concepts - if you have a good idea, make a simple test rig - even if it looks like the stuff that comes out of your dog’s butt. This will help weed out concepts that won’t work in the long run, and you won’t have to re-do the contraption if they are unremovable.

Part II - Building

  1. Model first - This is kind of flexible if you intend to use Multi-Parent. But unless your plan is spot-on, building the model first will allow you to place all the moving parts where they fit.

  2. Parent - Parenting, though it makes a part not collide with anything but player and bullets, can make your contraptions exponentially less laggy. Below are a few links to parenting tutorials and a good parenting tool (Viktor’s Tool, Karbine’s Tutorial)
    http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=669404&highlight=multi+parenting (Read the tutorial, and use the tool.)

  3. The Adv. Duplicator likes it’s contraptions on ice, or it gets fussy - freeze all non-parented props, THEN dupe it.

  4. Make sure there isn’t anything jutting out of your contraption where it shouldn’t be - if its a F-117, than some jutting is understandable, but if its a submarine than jutting just won’t work. Use nice, smooth curves and be precise in your prop-placing

  5. Save frequent backups - only delete a backup when you know for a fact your new version works as planned. Also, never delete your unparented model - you might need this in the end.

** Part III - Facepunch!**

  1. Take a look at what else is out there - If you don’t think your contraption is honestly the same, or a little bit better than most of the well-received stuff in the Contraptions section, don’t post it. Take it around to a couple Facepunch hangouts (think Saxservers, Bergenbuild, Nodex, and the like), and ask them if it’s post-worthy. Taking this step can save you a lot of heartbreak down the road - it’s better you say “No” than a bunch of angry Facepunchers. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS WHOLE TIP LIST!

  2. Test, test, and test - Make sure it does everything you think it can, and that it does it well. It’s OK if it has a few bugs that you just can’t sort out no matter what you do, as long as it has good aesthetic appeal and good functionality it will do well.

  3. Don’t use obscure addons - Here’s a hint. If it has less than 20,000 downloads and mediocre reviews, don’t use it. However if there’s a Facepunch thread and 80% or more people there like it enough to download it and it’s small (EX Joystick Module, Unofficial Wire, Karbine’s GCX), reduce this number to about 10,000. However, don’t use some random Pokemon model pack with only 500 downloads. Ideally, keep it to things that are part of (or likely to be part of) PHX, Wire, or Unofficial Wire SVNs.

** Part ? - Facepunch notes for newbs **

  1. I say this because it is one of the biggest unwritten rules of Facepunch. If you aren’t sure that it will be well received, don’t post it. AT ALL. Ask a Facepunch-known friend or two, post it on your blog, whatever, but NOT in a public section of Facepunch! THIS IS A REPEAT BECAUSE IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS WHOLE TIP LIST!

  2. Don’t visit the OIFY section unless you are 18 or older, want some Not-Safe-For-Prying-Eyes material, or have some other bizzarre sexual orientation (think of it as the 2 girls 1 cup of Facepunch).

The hell?

Absolutely wrong, you should go for a lowest number of constraints, since constraints can often lag more than prop count. If something goes spazzy, delete it and think of how to do it better.

Rest is quite ok, especially the backup thing (2/3 of my dupes are wip saves :smiley: )

Please note: This guide is brought to you by someone who has duped the same thing about 40 times and wonders why it’s now laggy and not symmetrical.

Seriously I think that simple could write a better version of this when drunk… some of these points are absurd.

Why the hell would you create a 3D model on a CAD/CAM, or a 3D model on 3DS Max? Just make it in-fucking game, and learn from your mistakes…

If you have a car that had about 4 MAIN props then you should have 16 constraints instead of 4 for stability. And if you want to throw on a body, just parent it.

I said a plan. Not a full-blown game-quality skinned and hexed model.

And though more constraints can lag, they make it stronger - think about it. If you nail a board to another with 1 3 inch (8 cm) nail, you might be able to rip it off. But with 10, it should be much harder.

@Gibbo - Rather than make the weights on my landing gear 50,000 from 250, I just put about 8 winches and it worked perfectly. They use weld-latches when not changing positions, so in fact the increased strength in some cases makes it lag less. And these are more for newbs to building, not for the pros. Did you release your first contraption ever on FP to rave reviews? And I did say to not add more than you need - it’s like pills. Take as many as your doctor says you should, even if they have adverse side effects.

@Gunskimod - That’s what I mean.

I agree with Gunskimod. The main body of a contraption should be simple. Even if your building a mech or something the main frame should be less than 40 props.

I hope you aren’t actually talking about welding 2 same props together multiple times.

If you make low prop count thing, eg. a small car, you can do without parenting, and just weld every prop to the main base, that’s supposed to be heavier than the props you weld it to. Then for 4 prop car you need 3 welds (one of the props would be the base.).

You clearly dont understand how weld physics work in Gmod. Having more welds DOES NOT increase the strength of the weld. By having the weld strength setting at 0 creates the strongest possible weld. Any stability (or lack thereof) after that is due to the weld POINTS or the weight of the props involved.

Uh… Grammar.

He just means that more welds create an interlink between all the props so it behaves slightly more like a sold object. That, and I’ve always thought parents were cheap, but then again, i started building for wood wars.

Yes. Welds between different props to the same don’t increase strength, edited. But axes/ballsockets/ropes (point-based constraints) do have increased strength.


There is no right way to build on gmod. Just learn and develop you own way and you should do fine.

Why say there is no right way to build on Gmod, if you made a thread how to build with tips. ._.

Different person you should read his name

Also Karbine or someone with alot more experience should have done this if its gonna get stickied or something because alot of these are wrong and the opposite of whats good

i like how xro builds :frowning:

he has dupes of prop sets its awesome

but he wont give me any :frowning:

my tip: don’t listen to OP

Yes, do not listen to OP, just make your model in-game, learn from your mistakes, otherwise you don’t learn ANYTHING at all.

So OP, if you don’t make mistakes, you don’t learn, it’s a proven fact, people who make mistakes, learn from those mistakes and become better. Getting it perfect first time won’t make you learn anything, other than you can read a simple tutorial.

OK. Let’s not listen to our parents and drink 5 bottles of drain cleaner so we can learn, alright?

OT: I know some are thought of as wrong, but I have done ACTUAL RESEARCH on the one about constraint numbers. I tried it myself yesterday, and it worked. Also, if some are wrong, tell me and show evidence - if you have proof, I’m happy to change things.