Xmas map help

Ok, sorry in advance for spelling mistakes and grammar fail.

So I’ve been working on this map, last night I decided to make an Xmas version as well, but I’m having some problems, they are as follows:

The fog only shows over regular brushes and not the skybox.
I get an annoying nodraw effect over my water?
The waterfall won’t go straight down, it falls to the side.

Here’s a picture to help you understand what I mean:

Can anyone help me solve these problems?

  • Fog is because the skybox has a value in it’s .vmt that blocks fog. Use sky_day02_10 as your skybox texture or follow the guide here: http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Fog_tutorial

  • As in the water is invisible? That means you have a leak. Load the pointfile and follow the red line.

  • No idea, it’s a problem with whatever particle effect you’re using. If you made it you can probably realign it, if not you might have to just put up with it.

Shit that is an awesome waterfall man. :smiley:

For the fog, put another skybox somewhere and put a sky_camera in it and give it about the same settings as your original fog settings. Usually it’s because the map lacks a 3D skybox, that’s why…

The water can only be at same height or it will start fucking up like that.

So the only way to fix this is to make the first brush a cheap water brush and the other one an expensive one.