Xnalara 3dsmax problem

so I’ve been using mariokart64n’s xnalara converter (latest version) and I’ve been trying to port a FnF Vegeta model to SFM. However, the importer doesn’t seem to work cause every model i seem to import has texture issues. I’ve also used blender and it works fine.

Lot’s of guesses here, as I have neither of those models. When was Mariokart64N’s import script last updated? What version of Blender did you use?

Maybe this will help?

PS> No guarantees, as I use Blender and have no experience with 3DMax and its import / export script for .mesh.ascii files.

Latest version of Blender and Xnalara tools. I also use 2012 3Ds max. Also that script is for RE

Apologies. As I said, I’m not familiar with 3DMax and it’s import script.
I thought it might work as Mariokart64N’s import / export script did for .mesh.ascii files. Oh, well…

I think this is the latest script: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=181251

Between 2013 and now, I believe XNAaraL added other render groups to XPS. It is possible that these models use a higher numbered RG,
and Mario’s script is having problems with them. Or it could just be the script doesn’t handle conversion very well. Mariokart64N is not
a big supporter of XPS, so hasn’t really updated his script.

On the other hand, if you have the latest version of Blender, and johnzero7’s latest tools for it (http://johnzero7.deviantart.com/),
then perhaps you can load the model in Blender, then export as an FBX file. Not sure if 2012 will import FBX files well.

Good luck!

Huh I figured you would’ve used milkshape for this as you have before.

Had the exact same problem with the xnalara Transformers models. What worked for me was to import the models without their textures, then assign the textures properly via mesh modifier and the element selection tool.


I’m evolved far beyond that, though I do use milkshape to rig playermodels or do headhacks, simple quickie stuff like that.

Marios script has a problem with files that have more than 12~ materials so sometimes when you import you have to add more slots to the multi material to add the missing textures. When you are in edit mesh or poly you have to select the element with the wrong texture and then change the material ID under the smoothing groups. Seeing as source needs vtf/vtm I think you might also have to carefully check and change the names to match the model if they need to because depending on the smd importer/exporter you use it will either look at the texture name and use that as the file name required for vtf/vtm, and other times like in wall worm you need to use the name of the material and not the diffuse map. If the model has a ton of materials I recommend you bake everything onto one large map if you can that way if you need to recolor anything later you dont have to open more than 3 (diffuse, normal, and specularity if you have it separate) files to do it.

Export from Blender in PSK and FBX formats and import them to 3dsmax.

but then it’s a painful process of porting to smd, as blender scales down the Xnalara mode,. I don’t want to import to blender, just directly to 3dsmax then to sfm.

the xnalara format was kind of bad back then, see there was a limit to how much data you could store in one chunk or sub mesh. because if this I had to split the mesh into pieces so that they would work with the “old” xnalara…

this was of course patched and the problem doesn’t exsist now, but the script is built off of old protocols.

So in the script what I do is I read in every material name and convert it into a numeric value. then do a lookup and store only unique numbers.

Anyway to sum it up the materials get messed up on import, that totally sucks. its because I try to optimize and merge identical materials. it was suppose to make the difference between dealing with 1000 materials over merging and only having 10.

anyways, the optimization thing I just killed, here you GO!

pmx support was added into the script’s export function.
This might have caused other misfunctions with how it exports normally for xnalara.

nobody ever reports errors to me anyway :confused: but you know let me know if there’s a problem