XNAlara model mesh deleted after exported into .SMD after rigging

It goes from this:

To This:

In almost no time flat,

What’s going on?

in my experience, mesh would normally disappear if you export it as skeleton.

Exported without applying materials to the model?

You have to apply textures that aren’t standard 3DS Max materials.

Then on the topic of non “standard 3DS Max materials” if I have the textures as '.TGA’s, how do I get them to read in 3DS max?

TGAs should work in 3DS Max.

Just drag them and drop them onto the model, or one of those material spheres and then drag one of those on the model.

Woo, it worked, now to write QC…

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While I’m at it, anyone know how to fix this compiling error?

Building binary model files...
on "mdldecompiler.qc"
SMD MODEL D:\Downloads\rig\catherine/Catherine.smd
SMD MODEL D:\Downloads\rig\catherine/phymodel11.smd
ikchain 'lhand' too close to root, no parent hip/shoulder
ERROR: Aborted Processing 
on 'Catherine.mdl'

StudioMDL Thread complete

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this is bad


I kinda see myself in you. hahaha
Is catherine.smd your reference .smd?
ok about the textures,
first check your textures .vmt replace “LightmappedGeneric” with “VertexLitGeneric”.
if there is still the checkered purple of death texture, try open your reference.smd in 3dsmax then drag the textures to your model in your reference.smd then export it again,.( you might need to select the mesh in element mode)

and about the head,
I don’t know what exactly happened and I don’t know if this is correct. It might have something to do with the weights on your reference.smd or phymodel.smd just recheck if all the weights are in the right place.



well, it says there’s something wrong with the bones, too close and no parent or something. just try to fix whatever it says xD,.
I’m also not very good in this(I’m also new like you) so some of what I said might be wrong,…