XNALARA to Gmod/Source Port? (Morrigan, Dragon Age)

Hello any prospective porter, I have a request for you.
Would you be as so kind to port the Xnalara Morrigan, To Gmod/Source for all of those people who wish to have her in Gmod/Source?
The model may be found here; https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=7ffb9b9d5800862e&id=7FFB9B9D5800862E!252 ; ported by Reload.

The community thanks you on behalf of your time, and effort.

And the link has some NSFW pics.

Please warn us if the links you provide are NSFW next time.

Maybe you should take your business to https://digitalero.org/.

There’s probably something in the tutorial section

They said here was good.

Yeah, totally.